5 Indian Authors to Read as a beginner

If you are a literature geek or even if you are not and planning on inculcating the habit of reading, then we have curated some amazing Indian authors, whom you should definitely check it out. Reading is a great habit, it’s something that you should behold for your entire life and should cherish every single day. Books never keep you alone and isolated. No matter where you are you will always feel surrounded with those interesting characters and their stories revolving around you. Just a pro tip, if you are planning to get into reading then and having a hard time in selecting what book to pick or what genre to read. Then you should see what genre of movies you usually prefer and should opt for the same genre when it comes to books too. For example, if you like romantic movies then you will also like a romantic novel, in the same manner if you like life crime and thriller movies then a book based on the genre is something that will intrigue you more.

Here are 5 Indian authors whose you should definitely check it out:

  • Kavita Kane – She is an Indian Mythological fiction writer, she writes stories of strong mythological characters of our epics who are stronger characters and about whom we should know more. It also gives voice to strong Female characters who have contributed a lot in shaping our society. Some of her famous books are Karn’s Wife, Ahilya’s Awakening, Sita’s Sister and Meenka’s Choice. All these books are based on small but very significant female characters.
  • Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni – Her style of writing is lyrical, the flow in which she narrates her story is just beyond words. Just like Kavita Kane, she also is a Mythological fiction writer and she is quite renowned in that particular area. The palace of Illusion is one of her most celebrated books of all time. Making a character bring into life all over again is what she does with her writing.
  • Ruskin Bond – he needs no introduction; we have read about him while we were in school. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a grown up adult or a kid you can always pick up a book by him and fall in love with reading
  • Rahul Pandita – A journalist and a writer, books loaded with information and a lot of emotions. An unbiased and unfiltered author who writes what the world should know. Taking on intense topics without taking side is what he is capable of. A very famous book “ Our Mood has blood clots” based on Kashmiri Pandits is a collection of memories, which everyone should read.
  • Ashwin Sanghi – A lot of us like mystery, suspense and thriller and this particular author will give you all of it packed in just one novel. One can never have enough of his works, the writing style is gripping and the stories are a complete page turner.

These are some of the authors who have done incredible work as an author. They are much celebrated for their writing and compelling stories. Whether based on true events or a fictional story, they will never fail to entertain and educate you at the same time. If you want to get into the habit of reading they are definitely going to help you a lot. Gripping stories presented in classy language and writing style is what one needs to fall for literature.

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