5 Movies for your transition phase

Life changes, people change and that is not a very alien concept to any of us, some of this is inevitable and “change” is one of those. It’s highly important to keep yourself up with all these changes and sometimes the best coping mechanism can be a movie. These fictional stories at times give us life time lessons to behold and cherish our entire life. They not just provide a good story and very good entertainment but also help you transition with the change and accept life as it is.

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Some of the most influential movies that have a very compelling plot and some real good acting delivered by the actors. Let’s just begin with 5 movies to watch while going through a transitional phase in life.

  1. Wake up Sid – it was very unfortunate that a movie like wake up Sid failed at the box office. Whatever might have been the reason for that but years after its release, the movie is still so compelling and relevant to youngsters’ lives. The story is about a young kind of a spoiled boy who doesn’t even think twice before spending money and has no vision or career plans for himself. Then he met the female lead of the movie, she had recently moved to Mumbai and had very big dreams for herself. This story unfolds and we see how she is bringing positive significance into his life. If you are someone who has just passed out from college or you are someone who has recently moved to a new city, then this movie is for you. It will give you hope and you might see the world a bit differently after watching the movie.
  2. Masan – It’s a gem of a piece, based on ordinary lives of some very ordinary people of a small town. A low budget movie that adds a lot of value in our life. Accepting things as they are and coping up with the change is what this movie wants to teach us. A very famous dialogue from the movie goes something like this “Yeh Dukh Kahe khattam nahi ho raha”, this line shook a lot of us and brought in recollection of all those moments when we felt like this. But at the end you got to carry on with life and move past those disturbing memories.
  3. Lakshaya – When in need of some serious inspiration this movie is for you. It will inspire you in several different ways and make you take the right turn on every path be it your career or otherwise. Most of us are the protagonist of the movie before life hits us and we take a turn that leads us to the ultimate destination of our lives. It will also generate patriotic sentiments and pump you blood to make you proud more that you already are.
  4. Uddan – a very underrated movie perhaps but you know when the story is great it’s very difficult to suppress it. The more people came to know about the movie the more they fell in love with this masterpiece. The story is of a boy and his bitter sweet relation with his father. It’s very easy to find such real life instances. Where at times we don’t get along with our parents and it feels that it’s never going to happen. But life always has some other plans for each one of us and it’s quite different from what we had planned for ourselves.
  5. Lipstick Under My Burkha – A very unconventional movie for all the unconventional people out there. If you feel you are different and someone who is far from that rat race then this is a movie for you. This movie will teach you how to find your own path. It will compel you to listen to that deepest desire that you have been suppressing since long ago and will compel you to act upon it.

These are some of the movies that you definitely should check out. They will add in a perspective and will make your transition phase a lot easier.

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