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6 Best slice-of-life anime of all time

List of the six best slice-of-life anime of all time, based on critical acclaim and popularity among fans.

  1. Clannad (2007) – A touching story of a high school student named Tomoya Okazaki, who meets several girls who change his life in ways he never thought possible.


  1. Your Lie in April (2014) – A coming-of-age tale about a young pianist named Kousei Arima who, after losing his mother, struggles to regain his love for music with the help of a free-spirited violinist named Kaori Miyazono.


  1. Barakamon (2014) – A heartwarming comedy about a young calligrapher named Seishuu Handa, who moves to a small island and learns to appreciate the simple joys of life with the help of its quirky residents.


  1. Usagi Drop (2011) – A story of a young bachelor named Daikichi, who takes in his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter, Rin, and learns to become a responsible parent.


  1. A Silent Voice (2016) – A poignant drama about a young boy named Shouya Ishida, who seeks redemption for his past bullying of a deaf girl named Shouko Nishimiya.


  1. K-On! (2009) – A light-hearted comedy about four high school girls who form a band and bond over their shared love of music and friendship.
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