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Afador Dog Breed Price, Lifespan, Temperament and Size

Afador Dog Breed Overview

One of the most searched dog breeds on the internet, Afador belongs to the larger size Dog. Also known as Afghan Lab, this breed was discovered first in the United States. The average lifespan of this dog breed is 10-12 years and is associated with the Mixed Breed Dogs Group.

Dog Breed Name:Afador
Other Names:Afghan Lab
Size:larger size Dog
Average Height:20-28 inches (51-71 cm)
Average Weight:50-75 pounds
Energy:high energy dog
Origin:United States, United Kingdom, British Isles
Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Life Span:10-12 years
Dog Breed Overview:The Afador dog originates from Alaska, and the breed is a perfect balance between the Labrador Retriever and the Afghan Hound. The Afador has become quite popular in the last decade, despite the fact that it is still considered a rare breed. They can be a fantastic companion for anyone, with the Labrador’s intelligence and enthusiasm and the Afghan Hound’s beauty and elegance.
Colours:Black, brown, gray, red, fawn.
Temperament:Loyal, Energetic, Affectionate, Stubborn, Guarding, Athletic, Alert

  • Afadors are easy to train.
  • The Afador has a low chance of bad smell.
  • Afador is an excellent dog breed.
  • Afadors are good watchdogs.
  • Not an apartment-friendly dog the Afador breed.
  • Afadors shed above average.
  • Afadors are not cat-friendly dogs.

Afador Dog Breed Price

Afador from regular breeders cost you from $400 to $1000 per puppy.

Afador Dog Breed Overview

Afador Dog Breed Size

The Afador varies in size: males are normally about 20–28 inches (51–71 cm) in height and around 50-75 pounds (22–35 kg) in weight, while females are normally around 20–29 inches (50–74 cm) in height and 60–65 pounds (27–30 kg) in weight.

Afador Dog Breed Temperament

The Afador is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Afghan Hound and Labrador Retriever dog breeds. Loyal, energetic, and affectionate, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. Afadors are also sometimes known as the Afghan Lab.

Afador Dog Breed Lifespan

The average lifespan for an Afador is 10 to 12 years. That’s because these are medium-sized dogs with a good mix of genes in their blood.

Interesting Facts about Afador Dog

  • Afadors are mixed breed dogs. They are not purebreds like their Afghan Hound or Labrador Retriever parents.
  • The most common Afador colors include black, brown, gray, red, and fawn.
  • Shedding will definitely occur! Lots of grooming is required to keep the breed’s coat in good condition–consider twice weekly brushing to be the minimum.
  • The Afador does much better in colder climates rather than warm ones. Even so, kit your Afador out with a suitable winter coat if temperatures really drop.
  • As an athletic mixed breed, the Afador will love to play fetch and folic in a safe off-leash environment. If you have a fenced-in yard, be warned that this is a dog that can easily leap over a six foot fence, so plan accordingly.
  • Due to the breed’s intelligence and stubborn streak, you’ll want to make sure that both the dog and your children are properly trained to be around each other from day one.

FAQ’s on Afador Dog

Are Afador Dangerous Dogs? Are Afador naturally aggressive?

Yes and No. Does Afador naturally mean dangerous, or vicious? No, they must be raised this way intentionally by their owner. Can they be mean, dangerous, or vicious? Yes, if these dogs are in the wrong hands, are not socialized properly, or are intentionally made to be this way by the owner, they can be dangerous. While it is highly illegal to raise these dogs to fight other dogs, or guard drug houses, or attack people, it is still being done. Fortunately, it is only done by a very small percentage while it is highly illegal in many places to raise Afador to fight other dogs, or guard drug houses, or attack humans, it is still being done. Fortunately, it is only done by a very small percentage of dog owners. The majority of Afador are not mean, dangerous, or vicious: When socialized with other dogs and people when they are puppies, they are an extremely lovable dog breed that can be trusted around other people and dogs of all ages.

Are Afador smart?

In general, The Afador is highly intelligent but can be a handful to train, early socialization is highly recommended.

Are Afador trainable?

The Afador is a dog that has a reputation for being very tricky to train.

Can Afador be kept with other dogs?

As with all dogs, it’s important to keep up with your Afador regularly … Most Afadors will be okay living with other animals and pets

Can an Afador attack its owner?

No, Afador is a highly loyal breed. If this ever occurs it is due to poorly raising and socializing the dog and would be a very rare instance.

Another reason can be if the owner is interacting with a sexually charged up dog or a dog who does not consider the handler as a superior. Many Afador breeders invite Afador males into their kennel for mating. These males are in a new place and handled by new dog handlers. Instances of attacks on humans are possible in such a scenario. If you have brought a male Afador for breeding, be aware that you are not the master in the dog’s eyes.

Do Afador kill people?

This is a myth. Even when raised improperly, Afador will not kill a person. When they attack, it is due to them being raised and socialized improperly by the owner. The reason that they can hurt people more than most other dog breeds is the fact that they have strong jaws and have a bad reputation due to which victims are in shock.

Do Afador have locking jaws?

No, they do not have locking jaws.

Is Afador safe to keep with kids?

Generally, Afador is safe to keep with kids they have been raised with. It is important that the kids do not disturb a sleeping dog, do not snatch the dog’s food; do not poke fingers in the dog’s eyes, etc. It is best to judge their relationship slowly. Every dog is unique, as is every kid.

Are Afador unpredictable dogs?

It’s the owner not the breed. This is 100% true. The Afador is a very dependable and predictable dog breed. A Afador will be as good or as bad as his owner. If you know your dog, you can predict how he will react in almost all situations. This will prevent any untoward incident.

At what age is an Afador fully grown?

Afador stopped growing at around 2.5 years of age.

How long does an Afador live?

An Afador can live anywhere from 10 to 12 years.



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