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Age-specific lingerie purchasing trends

Fashion trends change all over the world. Women are becoming more picky when it comes to comfort, especially when it comes to innerwear. The lingerie industry in India is thus making concerted efforts to meet the consumers’ growing but diversifying demands. The players are attempting to design comfortable underwear without sacrificing style. While meeting this demand, the industry is rapidly expanding.

As a result, now is the time to update your lingerie and get your hands on the latest trends, as businesses are offering new interpretations of what comfy fashionable innerwear should look like.

When it comes to lingerie shopping, there is a huge variety available in the market as per age, occasion, clothes, etc. Groversons Group, recently conducted a survey where the brand got a peek into the customers’ psyche with reference to their lingerie preferences and how they vary as per the age.

Comfort is the priority

In today’s times, women particularly in the 25-45 age bracket view lingerie as a way of expressing their true self. Hence, comfort is of utmost importance. As per the survey, 85 per cent of the females prioritize comfort and demand lingerie that is skin friendly as well as breathable.

Experimenting with variety

Females consider lingerie as an accessory that they adorn to accentuate their look. Hence, this lingerie ensures coverage as well as being voguish is just as important as our outfits being stylish. The report states that 90 per cent of females while buying innerwear have parameters such as coverage, comfort and style in this very order. It further highlights that the women are open to experimenting with their lingerie. 75 per cent of females are keen to try and explore colours, styles as well as types of bras and panties.

Bra Tops and Layering

Earlier we had bras and we had tops. Now, we have a new category- bras that can be used as tops! In fancy terms, known as bralettes, they are a shorter version of a crop top combined with a bra. They are comfortable and stylish and hence are preferred by young females in particular. As per the survey report, 50 per cent of young females prefer bralettes over simple tees and crop tops due to their style and manageability. They are so versatile that they can be worn as it or even layered with jackets, blazers, plain shirts, etc.

Neutrals meet the softest cotton

Cotton based lingerie can never go out of fashion! Whether it is stepping out for a brunch, or even if there is a usual day at work, cotton lingerie is cozy, breathable and comfy. And nude shades in cotton innerwear are becoming the new favourites of the females. According to the study, 50 per cent of the females own cotton lingerie in neutral shades for those easy-going days. However, 75 per cent of females do opt for vibrant colours and 85 per cent demand variety including sports bra, wireless, T-shirt, lightly padded, non-padded, t-shirt lacy bras. As far as panties are concerned, cotton hands down is the winner! 90 per cent females prefer cotton based underwear. Women particularly in the 40-45 age bracket usually opt for high waist panties. However, 60 per cent females of 25-40 years of age prefer low waist and mid waist panties. Variety in terms of bikini, thongs, prints, colours, among others is also the demand.

Choosing neon over other bras

Even if nudes occupy a significant position in the lingerie wardrobe; colours can never take a backseat. Women today want to make a statement with neon lingerie that colour blocks, compliments and dazzles the outfits. Whether it is hot pink, coral blue, or fluorescent green, neon lingerie will certainly add a splash of colour to your ensemble!

Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Group, sharing his viewpoint as to how lingerie purchasing trends have changed in accordance with age over the years, said, “As the times are changing, inner wear preferences are also evolving. Nowadays, women do not prefer wearing underwire push-up bras or only white coloured lingerie. They have moved on to more comfortable yet voguish styles and designs. Females today demand variety and are even open to experimentation. Elder females do want neutral shades but also desire variety in styles and designs. The young women on the other hand are keen to experiment. This is why bralettes, layering lingerie with shirts, blazers, etc. are preferred as they add boldness and vogue to their outfit.”

He further adds, “Today, females across age groups have different requirements and they are vocal about it. They view lingerie as an accessory that not only enhances their look but also boosts their confidence.”

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