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Categorizing Best and Worst Sex Positions for Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, then along with affecting your daily chores, it may affect your sex life also. It’s estimated that 8 out of 10 people get back pain at least once in their lifetimes. When it comes to sex, doctors mostly recommend the spooning position for people suffering from back pain.

In this article we will discuss about sex positions, some of which are good and some are worst for back pain. Read on:

Sexual Position: mQUAD1

This position is another variant of the doggy style. In this position, the woman supports the upper part of her body with her elbows. Men suffering from flexion-intolerant which means men’s back pain worsen while touching their toes or if he sits for a long period. This position is good for people suffering from this type of back pain.

Sexual Position: mQUAD2

It’s also a type of doggy style where the woman is supports the upper part of her body with her hands.

According to some studies and research mQUAD1 variation, is considered to be easier on the spine for flexion-intolerant men.

 Sexual Position: mMISS1

It’s a type of missionary style where the man supports the upper parts with his hands while the woman keeps her hips and knees slightly flexed.

Just like the positions of mQUAD1 and mQUAD2, this position also involves a “spine-sparing” approach, meaning it won’t worsen pain because of the motion and/or posture.

Sexual Position: mMISS2,

It’s also a variant of the missionary style. In this position, the male supports his elbows, and the woman arch at the hips and the knees.

It’s not 100 % effective for men experiencing flexion-intolerant pain but as they say, having something is better than having nothing. This may not be the perfect position for back pain but it can be a comfortable position.

Sexual Position: mSIDE

Spooning or Sidelying are two more names of mSide.

In this position, both the woman and man lie on their left sides, with the man behind her. In this position both the partners have their hips and knees flexed.

It may not be the perfect posture for your back ache but it’s a comfortable option for extension-intolerant men.

Men who are extension-intolerant, or those who experience pain when arching their backs, will find sex in the spooning or missionary position more comfortable, especially when supporting his upper body with his elbows in missionary.

Future Research for Women With Pain

Although this study focuses on sex positions for men with back pain, the researchers said results for female pain patients should be published in the next few months.

The findings revealed that if women have back pain when they touch their toes or sit for a long period of time, they should use positions that use minimal spine flexion, like spooning and doggy-style while propping themselves up at the hands. If women have back pain when they arch their backs, they should use positions that use minimal spine extension, like a missionary.”

The researchers will look to include patients with hip pain and other types of back pain to further develop the guidelines.

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