Diljit Dosanjh requests Inderjit Nikku to sing a song after seeing him cry due to financial crisis in a video

Diljit Dosanjh has come out in support of fellow Punjabi singer Inderjit Nikku after he saw a video where Inderjit is talking about his financial crisis and struggle in career.

Inderjit Nikku, who is known for songs such as ‘Ik Kudi Mere Supne Ch Aai’, ‘Sardari’ and ‘Paggri’, is dealing with a rough patch in life. The singer, in an emotional video, opened up to a ‘godman’ that he is under a lot of stress because he has no work. In the video, after Nikku tells him his problems, the ‘godman’ repeats them on mic. He says, “The first problem is health, you are dealing with a lot of stress, you are struggling financially because of debt and the last issue is that you are not happy in you professional life since you aren’t getting work.”

The ‘godman’ then asks Nikku to remove his mask and sing for those present there. An emotional Nikku breaks down and the godman tells him not to cry. Nikku’s wife, who is sitting by his side, also stars crying at this point.

In no time, the video became viral and Diljit Dosanjh also saw it and did something sweet to help the Yaad singer. The Born to Rise singer requested Nikku to sing a song for him. Sharing a photo of Inderjit Nikku on his social media, he penned a note that reads, “Veere nu dekh ke pata ni kinney mundeya ne pagg banani start kiti jina chon ek mai v an. Meri next film jo v shoot kra ge asi..plz ek ghana sadey layi zarur (Many started tying the turban like he did and I was also one of them. Whichever film I shoot next, please sing one song for me).”

Apart from Diljit, other singers also offered support to Nikku. Jasbir Jassi tweeted, “Nikku veer Mainu pta hai tu apni zindagi ch bohot dost kamaye ne Onna vichon Ikk main vi Haan, Asi humesha tere naal khade hain, Charhdi kala ch Rehna @InderjitNikkuu, veer.

Punjabi anchor Ravneet Singh also did a live on Facebook to show his support to Nikku. He captioned the video, “Bai Inderjit Nikku di Viral ho rahi Video Baare Tuhaade Naal kujh Gallan – Baatan❤ Waheguru Tuhanu Charhdikla ch rakhan.”


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