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Dogo Argentino Dog Breed Price, Lifespan, Temperament and Size

Dalmatian Dog Breed Overview

One of the most searched dog breeds on the internet, Dogo Argentino belongs to the Large giant size dog. This breed was discovered first in Argentina. The average lifespan of this dog breed is 10-15 years and is associated with the Mixed Breed Dogs Group.

Dog Breed Name:Dogo Argentino
Other Names:na
Size:Large giant size dog
Average Height:Female: 60–65 cm, Male: 60–68 cm
Average Weight:Female: 35–40 kg, Male: 40–45 kg
Energy:high energy levels
Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Life Span:10 to 15 years
Dog Breed Overview:The Dogo Argentino is a descendant of the now-extinct Fighting Dog of Cordoba, a large, fierce dog bred for, as the name implies, fighting. A man named Antonio Nores Martinez from Argentina wanted a fearless hunting dog that could handle the terrain of his homeland, as well as being a loyal companion. In the 1920s, Martinez began to use selective breeding and aimed to reduce the dog's desire to fight so it could cooperate in a pack, and he worked to replace the fighting instinct with the need to hunt. Several breeds were mixed to achieve the desired traits that are seen in the Dogo Argentino breed. Martinez created a trustworthy companion dog with a strong prey drive and muscular build, ideal for hunting in the rugged terrain of Argentina or being a loyal family guardian. Sadly, the breed is still sometimes used in dog fighting rings because of its strength and fearless nature.
Temperament:Tolerant, Friendly, Affectionate, Loyal, Cheerful, Protective


Dalmatian Dog Breed Price

Dogo Argentino from regular breeders cost you from $1500 to $2500 per puppy.

Dalmatian Dog Breed Size

The Dogo Argentino varies in size: males are normally about Female: 60–65 cm, Male: 60–68 cm in height and around 35–40 kg, Male: 40–45 kg in weight, while females are normally around 60–65 cm, Male: 60–68 cm in height and 35–40 kg, Male: 40–45 kg in weight.

Dalmatian Dog Breed Temperament

The Dogo Argentino tends to have a loving and loyal temperament with its family, but it can be wary of strangers. The high prey drive part of its personality often makes it a poor match for other household pets, especially smaller animals.

Dalmatian Dog Breed Lifespan

The average lifespan for a Dogo Argentino is 10 to 15 years. That’s because these are medium-sized dogs with a good mix of genes in their blood.

Interesting Facts about Dalmatian Dog

  • Although it was bred from fighting dogs, its aggressive traits were bred out so that it could cooperate with other dogs during hunts. It is not natural for them to want to fight, but some people train them to do so anyway because of their strength and courageous nature.
  • Because they are used in dog fighting rings, Dogo Argentinos have been deemed dangerous and banned in several countries, including Australia, the Cayman Islands, Denmark, Fiji, Iceland, Singapore, and Ukraine. In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to own one without lawful authority.
  • Dogo Argentinos are sometimes used for work with the police, military, and search and rescue efforts.
  • The breed is beloved for its loyalty and courage–qualities that make them excellent watchdogs.
  • About 10 percent of Dogo Argentinos suffer from pigment-related deafness in one or both ears, which is an affliction that often affects dogs that have white coats.
  • Socialization and early training are important for keeping the Dogo Argentino well-behaved. They are physically strong and strong-willed, so they need a firm trainer that can keep them in line without resorting to force or physical punishment. They are not a breed for novice owners.
  • This breed is often confused with the American Bulldog, though it is taller and has a white coat. It may also be confused with the Dogo Argentino, though the Dogo Argentino is much larger and is different in many ways.

FAQ’s on Dalmatian Dog

Are Dogo Argentino Dangerous Dogs? Are Dogo Argentino naturally aggressive?

As a general rule Dogo Argentino dogs are some of the most aggressive dogs in the world, but they’re not usually dangerous to people. However, they were bred to be fighting dogs, and they can be dangerous if they aren’t trained properly.

Are Dogo Argentino smart?

Yes, Dogo Argentino are a highly intelligent dog breed.

Are Dogo Argentino trainable?

They are highly trainable, have the ability to learn complicated tasks, and perform excellently as search and rescue dogs.

Can Dogo Argentino be kept with other dogs?

The Dogo Argentino tends to have a loving and loyal temperament with its family, but it can be wary of strangers. The high prey drive part of its personality often makes it a poor match for other household pets, especially smaller animals.

Can a Dogo Argentino attack its owner?

Dogo Argentinos have had documented cases of aggression towards strangers, but they are also sometimes aggressive with their owners. In fact, there has been at least one case of a Dogo Argentino owner being attacked and killed by their own breeding dog.

Do Dogo Argentino have locking jaws?

No, they do not have locking jaws.

Is Dogo Argentino safe to keep with kids?

Dogos actually can make great household pets…for the right owners. The Dogo Argentino is loyal, friendly, and social. They want to be included in family activities and may be playful and affectionate with human family.

What should I feed my Dogo Argentino?

Dogo Argentinos are known to piling on the pounds, however, so their diet should consist of biologically appropriate proteins, healthy fats, ground bones and vegetables – which are packed with essential vitamins and minerals – for optimum health and performance.

How long does a Dogo Argentino live?

 Dogo Argentino can live anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

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