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Dog Breeds

Dogs are Friends for Life: American Pit Bull Terrier to Deutscher Wachtelhund: Seven Dog Breeds that Prove This Quote

When we hear the name dog, the first thing that comes into our minds is loyalty. When a dog loves you wholeheartedly, that love is unparalleled and there are many incidents when a dog went to extreme extents and proved its love and loyalty to its owner. Keeping a dog in your home is just not about keeping a pet but it’s more about having a new family member. The preference of dog lovers varies while many love gentle, homely dogs, and some like energetic dogs who are useful during work. But here we have created a list of seven dog breeds that can be friends for life.

  1. American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier is a pure breed family dog that is quite loving, smart, lively, and loyal by nature and belongs to the famous pit bull breed. As the name suggests it was first bred in America to lure bulls as it was used for herding purposes. It is an all-rounder farm dog, and at present, it’s well-known as “nanny dogs” because they were so friendly and calm near kids. It’s a medium to large size dog that stands between 17 to 19 inches and weighs 25 to 32 kilograms. It has got a short and sleek coat and is available mostly in colours such as white, black, and tan. Though they are strong dogs, they are not cold weather dogs and should be protected from chilly cold weather. It’s better to train these dogs to be obedient as they are quite good at bonding but wary of other dogs and training them to be friendly with other dogs makes them perfect family dogs.

  1. DrentschePatrijshond

It first developed in Spain (Spioenen) and from there; it later spread into The Netherlands via France during the medieval period. In The Netherlands, they are known as Partridge dogs. In the Province of Drenthe, these dogs were strictly bred among themselves only and not allowed to mix with foreign breeds, which happened in other countries. These medium to large-sized dogs are chiefly used as flexible farm dogs, hunting dogs, and playfellow to the kids. They alert their owners about visitors to the home or farm but never showcase fear or aggression making them outstanding family companions.

  1. American Pugabull

The American Pugabull is also known as Bull Pug is a cross between the American Bull Dog and Pug dog breeds. Medium in size they are nature-wise very alert, loyal, and inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parent breeds. This loveable breed can get adjusted courteously with big families and has no problem being an apartment dog for people living in urban areas. They’re loyal and lively and very concerned, loyal and protective of their family members. . They will alert to any doubtful entrants who approach your home. A great dog to keep as a family dog that will an inseparable part of your family.

  1. Small Munsterlander Pointer


This Small Munsterlander Pointer dog breed is a very sociable dog that quite loves with its family, kids, and even with strangers and other dogs alike. It has got solid pointing instinct, and a strong desire for the water and that’s why in the earlier days, they were hunter dogs and also very good at water retrieving, and at present, they should be given proper physical and mental exercise to keep them fit and occupied. It has outstanding tracking skills for all kinds of work which are enhanced by aptitude and trainability. It is smart and accomplished in training, has a full but balanced temperament, and is stable in character. It is watchful and approachable towards individuals, which makes them appropriate for living with a big family with many members.

  1. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Normally pleased with children and other animals, the low-maintenance and strongly healthy Bergamasco Sheepdog also makes for very good herding dogs. Nature wise, they are smart, and willfully dedicated to working, they are persistent but protective. Its coat is large and it’s a well-built shepherd dog of ancient aristocratic. Its coat has hair of three different textures that create logically stirring loose mats, or strands of hair woven together, creating flat coatings of felted hair, shelling the body and legs. The coat protects them from the severe cold and wild predators of the Italian Alps, the breed’s ancestral homeland. They are cheerful, loyal, affectionate, and trainable’ making them a dog breed you shall consider taking home.

  1. American Water Spaniel

The American Water Spaniel IS native to the lake country of the upper Midwest area of the USA. It is a cheerful, energetic dog who loves outdoor activities like hunting and swimming. They are known to be joyful, eager, and delightful, though a little wary of strangers and a little stubborn. They are well-built midsize gundogs, not glitzy in looks or enactment, and identifiable by their succulent brown coat that is either strongly curled or wavy. Bred to work the icy waters and soggy banks of the Great Lakes region, they are perfect because of their dense coat that is waterproof also with their feet are gruffly padded, the toes are webbed, and the physique is small enough for the dog to hop in and out of a skiff without rocking the boat. Nature wise it’s a joyous, intelligent, and multipurpose dog suited to an assortment of dog sports. If you are looking for an energetic, strong, and loyal dog, then it is a good choice.

  1. DeutscherWachtelhund


The DeutscherWachtelhund is a purebred dog that originated first in Germany and is a rare breed quite difficult to find in other parts of the world. Sociable, smart, and multipurpose, this gorgeous breed has some of the best qualities you can discover among all dog breeds. The DeutscherWachtelhund has got many other names like German Spaniel, DeutscherWachtel, and German Quail Dog. If you want an active, proficient dog that will keep you on your toes and love you completely, then the DeutscherWachtelhund may be the right dog for you

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