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Five Workouts You Can Do at Home which Celebrities Also Prefers for a Healthy and Flawless Skin

Working out frequently is very beneficial for all of us. Along with keeping fit, it also has numerous benefits for the skin. It increases your digestion and metabolism, aiding your body to get nutrients from your diet required to have good skin. While exercising, the body releases endorphins, which allow you to distress and increase blood circulation, which aids deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin and makes the skin glow. Working out might seem dull if gyms are closed. If you’re lacking the inspiration to work out at home, get inspired by these celebrities and learn how they work out at home.

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Ton-up Sets for Half-an-Hour

Katrina Kaif exercise

Katrina Kaif is one of the earlier stars who advocated working out at home during the lockdown. According to her a 30-minute daily workout route helps burn calories, tone up, and stay energized. Low impact reps of squats, leg lifts, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, planks, and mountain climbers can be included and these are easy also to do at home. These exercises emphasize on coordinating various parts of your body and are a very option for keeping the muscles burning and making the skin glowing.


Rakul Preet Singh yoga

Yoga we all know is an ancient form of Indian exercise that is quite beneficial to keeping our mind and body fit and healthy. It’s a good way to start workouts for those who don’t go to gyms. The main advantage of yoga is that along with the body, it is good for your mental health also. It also helps in preventing acne and pimples and makes the skin glowing. Actress Rakul Preet Singh is quite involved in yoga and recommends it as it can be done at home also without taking the pain of going outside every day. Whether you practice beginners’ yoga or putter into power poses, yoga is very good to keep your skin healthy from within and gives you a natural glow.

Ballet Barre for Endorphins Flowing

Jacqueline Fernandez Ballet Barre for Endorphins Flowing

At home, you can try a ballet barre workout (or need a bar, for that matter!) and the good thing about this is that you need not be a trained dancer to do this. A quick ballet session will activate happy hormones known as endorphins in your body which will keep you energized and pumped up for the day. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez does it frequently and it’s one of the reasons for her good body shape and glowing clear skin. It makes you look good and gives you confidence from the inside.

Go for Tabata at Home

Sara Ali Khan Go for Tabata at Home

Tabata is a type of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout that targets to give more benefits in a short amount of time. For each exercise, you do eight rounds of 20 seconds of strenuous exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. Sara Ali Khan’s secret to those perfect abs is Tabata which she practiced during her quarantine period. Tabata helps is getting you sweating, aids to detoxify your body, and increases blood circulation in your body to obtain glowing skin like Sara Ali Khan.

Conglomerate Cardio and Toning With a Staircase Exercise

Shilpa Shetty Kundra Conglomerate Cardio and Toning With a Staircase Exercise

It seems that, unlike we mere mortals, actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra is ageing backward with her flawless figure and glowing skin. If you are wondering about her fitness secret during the lockdown, then we are here to help. Instead of using the lift, she uses a staircase and mixes it with

a cardio and toning routine. Using these methods you can get a good body and skin without the need of stepping outside your house.

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