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Four Skin Care Tips that Will Make Your Skin Glow like Yami Gautam

Yami Gautam never fails to impress us with her beauty which many times she flaunts without make-up and she looks as good as ever. From being fully dressed up for events to being makeup-free and being natural on her Instagram account, she always looks beautiful with a glowing kin.  She of late told about four beauty secrets she follows without a miss. She mostly uses home made things that you’ll easily find in your kitchen instead of using fancy, overpriced products.

In this article we will mostly discuss about

Let’s have a look at her four skin care tips.

Lash TLC

Although long lashes may seem like something impossible for a few, who have to go back to mascara to get an impression of eyelashes, Yami’s way is marginally dissimilar. In its place of selecting drying formulas, she makes a paste from castor oil, vitamin E oil, and aloe vera to get hydrated, long and healthy lashes that can translate into voluminous ones.

Facial with Coconut Water

Yami Gautam just like any other girls, goes for facial once in a while.. Unlike others, Yami uses coconut water instead of normal water while for facials and it’s quite good as compared to normal face packs. It makes the skin very hydrating and can be used as great natural toner for the skin.

Get Rid of Dry and Chipped Lips

All of us hate dry and chapped lips and many times we are not able to find the lip balms when we need it the most, Murphy’s law at action I suppose. Here a tip from Yami Gautam can be very helpful for a luscious, soft and hydrated lip. You will find it surprising that she recommends ghee as lip balms and trust me, it works quite nicely.

Cleaning Pores on Our Face

Cleaning pores regularly is very important to have a radiant and glowing skin. Yami Gautam prefers homemade natural scrubbers instead of overpriced scrubbers available at the market. She gave a recipe of making a good scrubber at home. Make a paste of one teaspoon of turmeric, half a tablespoon of sugar, and honey. Use it as a scrub, and wipe your face clean with an ice-cold towel subsequently for a natural glow, and tightened pores.

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