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Frenchton Dog Breed Price, Lifespan, Temperament and Size

French Bulldog Dog Breed Overview

One of the most searched dog breeds on the internet, Frenchton belongs to the small size dog. This breed was discovered first in England.The average lifespan of this dog breed is 12-15 years and is associated with the Mixed Breed Dogs Group.

Dog Breed Name:Frenchton
Other Names:NA
Size:small size dog
Average Height:11 to 14 inches
Average Weight:15 to 25 pounds
Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Life Span:12 to 15 years
Dog Breed Overview:"The Frenchton mixed breed may have existed naturally over the years, but designer breeders started intentionally mixing French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers to create a
healthier French Bulldog, as several years of inbreeding can take a toll on genetics and health.While there may not be much in the way of an established history for the mixed breed dogs, you may learn more about them by understanding their purebred French Bulldog and Boston Terrier parents.French Bulldogs come from the UK, where breeders wanted to create a small English Bulldog. Many French Bulldog owners emigrated to France and brought their adorable pups with them. Americans found them every bit as charming as Europeans did, and the pups soon made their way to America, landing a spot in the American Kennel Club in 1886.Boston Terriers are from Boston, MA, but it's unclear exactly where Boston Terriers' ancestry goes back to before then.Even though Frenchtons got their start as a designer breed, some have ended up in shelters or in the care of rescue groups. Consider adoption if you decide this is the breed for you."
Colours:Brindle, Brindle & White, Cream, Fawn, Fawn & White, Fawn Brindle, White, White & Brindle, and White & Fawn.
Temperament:friendly willful outgoing playful


French Bulldog Dog Breed Size

The Frenchton varies in size: males are normally about 11 to 14 inches in height and around 15 to 25 pounds in weight, while females are normally around 11 to 14 inches in height and 15 to 25 pounds in weight.

French Bulldog Dog Breed Temperament

Frenchtons inherit some of the best traits from their Frenchie and Boston terrier parents and have a happy-go-lucky attitude. In a nutshell, “they are friendly, sociable, outgoing, and affectionate” dogs, says Jen Jones, a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist who runs Your Dog Advisor.

French Bulldog Dog Breed Lifespan

The average lifespan for an Frenchton is 12 to 15 years. That’s because these are medium-sized dogs with a good mix of genes in their blood.

Interesting Facts about French Bulldog Dog

  • French Bulldogs do not need a lot of exercise, but they do need daily walks to keep them at a healthy weight.
  • French Bulldogs do not handle heat very well and need to be monitored on hot days to ensure that they don’t overexert themselves.
  • French Bulldogs can be easy to train, but they can also be stubborn. Be firm and patient when training this breed.
  • If you value cleanliness the French Bulldog may not be the dog for you, since he is prone to drooling, flatulence and some shedding. He can also be difficult to housetrain.
  • French Bulldogs can be a quiet breed and are not known as a breed that barks frequently although there are exceptions to every rule.
  • Because they don’t tend to be excessive barkers, French Bulldogs make exceptional apartment dogs.
  • Although it is important to always supervise young children and dogs when they are together, the French Bulldog does very well with children.
  • French Bulldogs make wonderful watchdogs, but they can become territorial. They also like being the center of attention, which can lead to behavioral problems if they are overindulged.
  • French Bulldogs are companion dogs and thrive when they have human contact. They are not a breed that can be left alone for long periods or left outside to live.
  • To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store.

FAQ’s on French Bulldog Dog

Are French Bulldog Dangerous Dogs? Are French Bulldogs naturally aggressive?

French Bulldogs are not normally aggressive. Instead, they tend to be even-tempered and their playful nature means they’ll get along with most animals and people.

Are French Bulldogs smart?

Yes, French Bulldogs are a highly intelligent dog breed.

Are French Bulldogs trainable?

They are highly trainable, have the ability to learn complicated tasks, and perform excellently as search and rescue dogs.

Can a French Bulldog be kept with other dogs?

A French bulldog needs to learn how to socialize from a young age. They can be very protective and possessive of their humans. So long as they are socialized as puppies, Frenchies get along great with new faces and other dogs or cats.

Do French Bulldogs kill people?

No, Even when raised improperly, a French Bulldog will not kill a person. When they attack, it is due to them being raised and socialized improperly by the owner. The reason that they can hurt people more than most other dog breeds is the fact that they have strong jaws and have a bad reputation due to which victims are in shock.

Do French Bulldogs have locking jaws?

No, they do not have locking jaws.

Are French Bulldogs safe to keep with kids?

Playful and affectionate, French Bulldogs are generally good with children, and their smaller size makes them better suited to households with younger children than some other breeds.

At what age is a French Bulldog fully grown?

French Bulldogs stop growing at around 12 months of age. However, they tend to thicken up until they are around 14months old.

When do French Bulldogs lose their teeth?

At around four months of age — and it can vary from breed to breed and even from dog to dog — the 28 puppy teeth are replaced with 42 adult canine teeth, which include the molars.

How long does a French Bulldog live?

The French Bulldog can live anywhere from 11 to 14 years.

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