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How to get back into your fitness regimen after child birth

Bearing a child can be an overwhelming experience; a mother goes through a lot of different emotions at the same time. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life, the gush of energy and emotions can fill your heart with a lot of love and warmth. All these good things come with a price, something that every mother has to go through that is getting back on their fitness regime after child birth. When you look at it, it seems like a pretty easy task to perform but in reality it takes a lot of time and courage to get started. Exercise can help you recover from childbirth and make you a lot stronger. You might feel tired and exhausted but still there are plenty of things you can do to uplift your mood and get you going.

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Here we are going to talk about numerous benefits of exercises for new mums!

First and foremost benefit is weight loss – You might have gained a few pounds during those nine months and in order to shed those and get fitter, regular exercise will definitely help. It will also make you a lot stronger and with the help of exercise you will recover from labor if you have gone through a normal delivery.

Postnatal Depression – exercise is also good for your mental well-being, it can help you relieve stress and make your mind tension free. But don’t worry if you are not getting enough time for exercise, caring for a newborn can be a bit hard, so it’s totally alright if you are not able to take out time.

Start off slow – You are not required to perform any heavy weight lifting and stuff. Just start off slowly and you can begin with walking in the morning or evening. That would be a good start after a long break and most importantly it won’t require a lot of your time. After taking care of your baby you will still have something to do for yourself.

Breastfeed – as though you required another reason to do it, breastfeeding can help you shrink the uterus down to pre-pregnancy size. And it also burns up 600calories every day. The only thing you gotta do is watch out for your daily calorie intake and take a proper diet.

Make it a habit – Develop a habit of staying fit at all times, this way you will look and feel good about yourself. After childbirth a woman goes through a lot of physical changes and many a time these changes can result in lack of self-love. Which is why, it’s very important to take a very good care of one self and exercise regularly.

If your delivery was C section then you might have to wait a bit longer – For all those who have had it through C-section getting back would take a bit time. Your body has gone through a lot and it is prescribed to not strain the body with heavy exercises. Although you can start walking as soon as you are able to, do not lift any heavy object immediately after the surgery. Give your body some time to heal and recover from the surgery.

breathing exercise is always a good idea – in order to strengthen the abdomen new mothers should learn how to inhale and exhale properly. You should do tiny exercises to make your abdomen strong again.

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