Dog Breeds

If you are planning to have a Family Dog, Here is a list of Four Dog Breeds That We Highly Recommend

Adopting a puppy is nothing less than having one more family member. Dogs are probably the most loyal, affectionate, and dedicated animals in this world. . Dogs were very useful during hunting and also protect them during the night from other wild animals. Dogs have been special in almost all civilizations. At present dogs are kept mostly as a companion or as a watchdog in most of families.

  1. Pyrenean Mastiff

Originated in the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain, Pyrenean Mastiff is a rare dog and it’s been in existence for centuries. In earlier times it was used to protect livestock from predators like wolves, bears, and thieves. In today’s day and age, it’s still used for protecting livestock, mainly in rural areas and many people adopt them because of their, gentle and loving, yet independent nature. This breed

of dog is very friendly towards humans and its main characteristics are that they are quiet, gallant, and quite intelligent. Along with the above-mentioned characteristics, when a situation demands it is a courageous dog. They are wary of strangers but not aggressive and their attitude toward other dogs is not ferocious because it’s aware of their own higher level of strength. As a guardian dog, it has a very low prey drive and, hence, loves and protects all beings, humans and animals alike.  

  1. Finnish Lapphund

 Finnish Lapphund is a purebred dog that first originated in the far north of Finland and by nature they are friendly and gentle. In earlier times they were used as herding dogs and this characteristic is still alive inside them and in the country side, they are still used as herding dogs. Because of being from a cold region like the north of Finland, they can adjust to cold climates also. These dogs are very loyal towards their owners along with being affectionate. They are friendly with kids and even with other dogs. They need large places to exercise and play, hence they will find it difficult to adjust to apartments. They love to play along with going with go for walks. They are agile and sporty and perform well in dog sports.

  1. Afghan Collie

As the name suggests, these dogs first originated in Afghanistan, it’s a high breed dog and is a crossbreed of Afghan Collie and Border Collie. It belongs to the group of designer dogs and it has got very cute looks making it a very popular dog. Along with being attractive, Afghan Collie is quite energetic also. It has inherited good qualities from both of its parent breeds which make it a good family dog along with being a good herder. It’s a medium-sized dog with a thick undercoat and a long, thick outer layer coat, and a black nose. Its body size is long around 22-27 inches and weighs around 52-54 pounds with a lifespan of 12-14 years. It has got big padded feet and a long curly tail. It makes for a good family dog because of its calm and gentle nature with attractive looks.  

  1. Boxerdoodle

The Boxerdoodle is a crossbreed between Poodle and Box Breeds of Dog. It inherited good traits like being friendly, smart, and joyful. Also known as Boxerpoos makes for a remarkably playful and very friendly dog who can be a loving part of your family. They are energetic dogs who aren’t well fitted to apartment living because of their inborn requirement for exercise and play. Their sizes vary from small, medium, and large. If you are looking for a loyal, friendly, and joyful dog, it can be a good choice for you.

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