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L Lag Gaye Cineprime App Web Series Watch online Cast, Crew, wiki, story and Synopsis

Synopsis Cineprime App Web Series L Lag Gaye Watch Online

L Lag Gaye, Cineprime’s long-awaited sequel, is back with another banger episode. Cineprime experimented with the idea and added a new level of fun to the series. Ayesha Kapoor and many other well-known actresses appeared in L Lag Gaye.

To please the majority of its audience, the Cineprime app has improved the quality of its web series. Cineprime recently released the L Lag Gaye web series, starring Ayesha Kapoor. Following that, they released the web series Love In Goa, Good Girls Brides Night, starring Edin Rose, Muskaan Mehta, and Aadita Jain.

Within a month, Cineprime surprised everyone by announcing L Lag Gaye. L Lag Gaye, like the previous series, starred Ayesha Kapoor and a slew of other actors.

L Lag Gaye will be released on 9 December 2022. Following the release of the L Lag Gaye web series, fans are eagerly anticipating the next announcement. The comic elements in the Cineprime web series are the best part.


 L Lag Gaye Web Series Cast

  • Vedika Bhandari (Shilpi).
  • Sahilk Anand (Utkarsh).
  • Himanshu V. Gokani (Dolly Singh).
  • Nishant Shireen (Babita).
  • Bhimraj Malaji (Nitesh Chacha).
  • Neelam R. Bhanushali (Chachi).
  • Garima Mourya (Delhi wali Bhabhi).
  • Karmveer Choudhary (Dada ji).
  • Kumkum Das (dadi).
  • Urmila Sharma (Shilpi’s Mother).
  • Shailendra Mishra (Mama).
  • Shweta Singh (Mami Ji).
  • Umesh Bajpai (Gyanchand).
  • Abhishek Khanna (Naukar).
  • Ayesha Kapoor (Shashe).
  • Shashidhar Gupta (Halwai).

Story Cine Prime App Web Series L Lag Gaye

This story is about a wedding location where a wedding is taking place. Suddenly a man comes and says that Modi ji is going to say something live on TV. All the baraati turn on the TV and start watching. On TV, Modi ji talks about the lockdown in the whole country. Seeing this, the whole procession gets worried. They have to spend the entire lockdown at this venue. Now to know what will happen in this house in this lockdown, watch the web series L  Lag Gaye.

They’ve collaborated with Ayesha Kapoor, Mahi Khan, Aayushi Jaiswal, Hiral, Piya Malik, Edin Rose, Muskaan Mehta, Aadita Jain, Aliya Naaz, and many more. They are, however, producing web series and short films about the monotonous straight relationship.

Fans are always asking for more and more. We hope that Cineprime will continue to produce intriguing stories for the young Indian audience in the near future.


Q1. When will the L Lag Gaye Web Series be released?

Ans-  L Lag Gaye Web Series released on 9 December 2022

Q2. L Lag Gaye Web Series will be released on which ott platform?

Ans-  L Lag Gaye Web Series is released on Cine Prime.

Q3. What is the budget for the L Lag Gaye Web Series?

Ans- The budget for the  L Lag Gaye Web Series is approx. 4 Crores.

Q4. What is the star cast of the L Lag Gaye Web Series?

Ans- Ayesha Kapoor and many other

Q5. How to watch the L Lag Gaye Web Series online?

Ans- You can watch the L Lag Gaye Web Series on the OTT platform Cine Prime.

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