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Loved Nora Fatehi’s Ethereal Rhinestone Make-Up Look? We are getting the Secret behind it Only For You

Nora Fatehi is famous for her dancing talent and style full of grace In this article, we will break down the secret behind her Rhinestone Make-Up Look she donned in her single dance number, ‘Dance Meri Rani’. Her look was fresh, dewy, colourful, and quite easy to recreate. If you’ve bowled over by Nora’s beauty in the music video, here are some steps we gave here to get flawless and luminous skin.

Nora’s skin looks flawless and luminous, and we love that natural-looking glow2

Nora’s skin looks flawless and luminous, and we love that natural-looking glow.

  • Step #1: It’s very important to use illuminating and moisturising cream to start with. Apply it evenly to your face.
  • Step #2: For extra glow, you can use a Rose Gold Liquid Highlighter on your cheek’s high points. Applying a liquid highlighter beneath your foundation will lead to a natural glow from within.
  • Step #3: Use light to a medium liquid foundation and apply it
  • all over your face and merge it in with your favored applicator.
  • Step #4: After that apply heavy-duty below your eyes and on any stains, you want to conceal.
  • Step #5: Use loose powder beneath the eyes and if your skin is oily, it’s advisable to apply some powder all over your face evenly.

Eyes and lips

Nora’s skin looks flawless and luminous, and we love that natural-looking glow.

Norah’s eyes are probably the most attractive feature of her face. With those peach and pink tones, she looks so beautifully together, and the rhinestones take the eye makeup to another level.

  • Step #1: Begin with playing an apricot eye shadow on your crease.
  • Step #2: Make deeper the crease with a shadier brown eyes shadow from the same palette.
  • Step #3: Then, apply a rose gold eyeshadow to your eyelid.
  • Step #4: The next step is to use a deeper pink and draw elegant wings on your top lash line. Use good quality kohl and paint it in towards the inner corners that will give a foxy eye effect.
  • Step #5: Apply lots of volume mascara for separation and length.
  • Step #6: To make your look more dazzling, draw three studs in the inner corner side of your eyes in a triangular position. Put one rhinestone right below your pupil on the lowest lash line. Put four more gems in the external corners of your eyes in a rhombus shape. Finally, put on three studs through your crease at equal distances.
  • Step #7: Finish the eye makeup by filling your brows with a good quality Eye Brow Definer.
  • Step #8: For the lips, use a nude lip pencil and spot on matte pink lipstick, preferably Pink Punch colored all over your lips and balance it with the nude lip pencil.


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