Pitru Paksha 2022 date, time: Significance and rituals of Shraddh paksha

Pitru Paksha 2022 date, time: The period of 16 days makes us feel the presence of our ancestors on the earth.

‘Pitru Paksha’ or ‘Mahalaya Paksha’ or ‘Sola Shraddha’ is a 15-day ritual by Hindus to remember their ancestors. During Pitru Paksha, the deceased’s eldest son performs the Shraddha by making offerings for ancestors said to be in pitrulok (the realm between Heaven and earth). Special food is prepared for the shraddha rites, and is first offered to a crow — believed to be Yama, the keeper of pitrulok — and then to priests before the family can partake in. Pitru Paksha and Shraddha are considered essential by Hindus to ensure their ancestors’ passage into Heaven.

Shraadh and its significance

As per Hindu mythology, the souls of our previous three generations reside in ‘Pitru Loka’, which is known as the realm between heaven and earth. This realm is headed by the god of death, Yama. It is believed when It is believed that when a person from the next generation dies, the first generation is taken to heaven bringing them closer to God. Only the last three generations in Pitru-Loka are given shraadha rites.

Pitru Paksha 2022 date and time:
Pitru Paksha begins on September 10, 2022
Pitru Paksha ends on September 25, 2022.

Pitru Paksha 2022: Rituals

  • The eldest son of the family wakes up early in the morning and takes a holy bath.
  • Wear clean clothes to perform puja.
  • put ancestor’s picture on a wooden table in the south direction.
  • put black sesame seeds and barley seeds.
  • Pind is prepared from rice balls made up of ghee, honey, rice, goat’s milk, sugar, and barley.
  • The Pind is then followed by Tarpan where water is mixed with the flour, barley, kush, and black sesame.
  • Pind and tarpan are provided for the needy and poor people.

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