Review of Netflix The Secrets of Greco Family Series Based on a True Story

Director: Alejandro Ciancio

Cast: Fernando Colunga, Manuel Masalva, Alejandro de Hoyos Parera, Lisa Owen, Roberta Damian, Samantha Siqueries, Rafael Ferro, Luis Machin

Streaming on: Netflix

The Netflix thriller series The Secrets of Greco Family is creating waves because of its thrilling concept which is based on a true story that happened in Argentina in the 1980s that shook the entire nation. This 9 episodes series is streaming on Netflix that is directed by Alejandro Ciancio, it debuted on the famous OTT Platform Netflix on November 4, 2022. Based on a true story, this series is a perfect depiction of the famous phrase, “Truth is stranger than fiction”. In the 1980s a case of kidnapping in Argentina shocked the entire nation because of the events that took period during the whole incident of kidnapping and the events that happened after it. Some names were changed in the series to avoid any controversy.

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The Netflix series is an adaptation of the Argentine series “Historia De Un Clan” which was based on crimes committed by a family that shocked not only Argentina but the entire South America. Set during the 80s this spine-chilling series tells the story of the infamous Pucio family which was changed into Greco family and the series is set in Mexico instead of Argentina. The family used to kidnap and torture people for money and if the family of the victim didn’t pay the amount demanded, they used to kill the victim who they kidnapped. The head of the family was Aquiles Greco played by Fernando Calunga, who was authoritarian and the mastermind behind all the things that happened. He was the type of person who can go to any extent to maintain the high standard of living of the family and its social status.

When financial problems started arising, he planned to kidnap people from wealthy families and ask for ransoms in lieu of freeing the victim, and surprisingly his whole family agreed with his decision and even started helping him. The original Puccio family consisted of the father, mother, and their five older children (three sons, and two daughters). In the series, the Greco family (The fictional name of the family in the series) consisted of the father, mother, and their four children (two sons and two daughters). Most of the time, they killed the victims even after getting the ransom to keep their secret buried. The number of victims increased a lot which caught the eyes of the police and the investigation started.

The director made the series a thrilling experience and the performance of the actors and the brilliant background music of the series make it a must-watch which you will binge-watch because each episode makes you curious about what is going to happen next. This series shows how dark people can be and it’s not that only gun-holding gangsters have dark personalities. A normal-looking family in your neighborhood may consist of serial killers like in the case of the Graco family. When the police were finally able to solve the case, they were shocked by the misdeeds of the family and when the news spread, it shocked the whole country.

If you like watching crime and thriller series that are based on true stories, then you should not miss the masterly crafted The Secret of Greco Family on Netflix, a tale of a family who kidnapped and killed innocent victims for many. It also gives a message that no matter, how clever you think of yourself, you have to pay for your crimes at last and there is no way out once you enter the dark world of crime.

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