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Seven Dog Breeds That Are Ideal to Keep as Pets

At present there are around four hundred breeds of dog in the world and dog breeders are developing new breeds by crossbreeding two different dog breeds mostly designer dogs. A large number of dog breeds are street dogs and almost equal numbers of dogs are kept as pets also. In this article, we will discuss breeds of dogs that can be ideal pets.


Aussiepoms is sometimes spelled as“AussiePom” or “AussiPom” instead and as its name suggests, it’s a native to Austrua. It’s a mixed-breed dog whose parents are the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian dog breeds. It inherited very good traits from both of its parents such as being affectionate, fun-loving, and adorable. It is a small-sized dog and quite apt to live in both apartments and houses with big spaces. If you are looking for a cute, loyal and loving dog then it is a breed you can consider taking home.

Korean Jindo Dog

A native to South Kora, the Korean Jindo Dogs are one of the most loyal dogs ever. They boast great qualities and are extremely intelligent dogs with a flair for lots of tasks like hunting, tricks, and even agility. Choosy and quiet indoors, they make great family dogs. Jindos require robust training, endurance, and abundance of long walks. Nevertheless, it makes them a good companion for energetic owners and families who have enough time to let their delightful personalities sparkle through. If you are searching for a loyal dog friend which will learn rapidly and love every member of your family, then the Korean Jindo Dog is an ideal match for you.

Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie was developed in Australia and it was frequently used to herd livestock all day in the hot Australian climate without any supervisor in earlier times which they retain those abilities till the present days. In Australia and the USA, they used to herd dogs in the countryside used for their herding abilities They love to do work and because of this, they are not suitable for apartment living and a house with a spacious courtyard. If you stay in a place .where herding is needed then the Australian Kelpie is the dog you shall adopt.

Ibizan Hound

The IbizanHound is a flexible and long-limbed dog that was bred as a rabbit trekker on the rocky shores of Spain’s Balearic Islands where they existed since ancient times. They are very good athletes and leapers, Ibizans require sufficient space to work and play because of this they are not fit to live in apartments. It is sophisticated, lewd with stands at 22.5 to 27.5 inches at the shoulder, and with coats in colours like red or white, or red and white patterns. Its nose is rosy-colored, and eye rims, and lips, along with amber or caramel eyes, effortlessly match the coat.


The Jagdterrier dog breed was first developed in Germany as a hunting dog. At present this small-sized breed is known for being obstinate and clever. This breed is sometimes also called the German Jagdterrier or the German Hunting Terrier. Jagdterriers are shrewd, accomplished hunting dogs and very loyal. If you’re an outdoor buff and a skilled dog owner, a Jagdterrier possibly will be the perfect companion for you.

Australian Retriever

The Australian Retriever is a crossbreed dog breed and its parents are Golden Retriever and an Australian Shepherd dog breed. Appearance wise it’s a blend of white, black, or brown, and different dogs have different markings. Their coats are typically coarse and a bit curly and they are reasonable shedders. Both of its parent breeds were working dogs, the Australian Retriever has decent herding nature but they are approachable and loyal dogs and very easy to train. They don’t often bark and are quite friendly with children, making them perfect for families with kids.

Karelian Bear Dog

The Karelian Bear Dog, is a native to Finland, is a robust, alert, and courageous breed that is proficient of hunting or treeing small-to-large prey even violentanimalslike bears, lynxes, wild boars, wolves, and moose. They are tremendously loyal to their human families and are very caring watchdogs. So, for an owner keen to put in the work, mingle, train assiduously, and give adequately open space and physical activity, the Karelian Bear Dog can be a peaceful, affectionate family member.

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