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Seven Finest Documentaries on Netflix You Can’t Afford to Miss

Netflix is an OTT platform where you can get content from all over the world like movies, shows, and documentaries. Along with movies and shows, the popularity of documentaries is also on the rise because of the interesting documentaries about various people and subjects available nowadays. From cult figures to unsolved mysteries, there are various documentaries available on Netflix. 

Here we have handpicked seven of the finest documentaries on Netflix which are a must watch

Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country is one of the most popular documentaries on Netflix that shows the story of Indian Godman Rajneesh famously known as Osho who created a cult of his own. The documentary shows how Osho tried to settle and create his own town in the USA named Rajneesh puram after having problems with Indian law. Osho is one of the most controversial personalities ever and the show perfectly chronicles various incidents after he moved to the US.

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

The documentary House of Secrets: The Burari Death is about the death of eleven members of a single-family by hanging that shocked the nation in 2018. The three-part documentary series tries to unravel the truth behind the death. Directed by Leena Yadav the documentary tries to uncover the truth behind the incidents through various anecdotes and theories. It’s a nerve-chilling show about a tragedy and touches on issues like mental illness and patriarchy.

Banking on Bitcoin

Directed by Christopher Cannucciari, Banking on Bitcoin gives detailed information about Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency that is getting quite famous among the people who deal with cryptocurrency. It’s also helpful for the people who want to know about how cryptocurrency and how it works. It provides details about Bitcoin’s history, its adoption journey, its relationship with the banks and regulatory bodies and the setbacks it faced, etc.

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator tells the story of Indian-born Bikram Chaudhary who went to the USA during the 70s, and tried to establish his own brand of yoga, propagated as Bikram Yoga or H*t Yoga. From the starting only, Bikram created an organization of his that is full of lies and deception, he made gave false claims like having connections with well-known people and how he mistreated his subordinates very badly. Bikram tried to create a cult of his own through lies, propaganda, and forgery. He also sexually abused many women and the documentary tries to unmask the truth behind the lies of Bikram, who pretended to be a yoga guru.

Tiger King

Tiger King tells the story of the rivalry between eccentric zoo owner named Joe Exotic and cat conservationist Carol Baskin. The show chronicles the events like arguments, threats, and harassment drives between both of them. The documentary is quite bizarre compared to other documentaries but was able to grab the attention of the viewers because of the subject and way of showing important events between Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin. It got praises from both critics and audiences while wildlife activists called it for the inaccurate description of issues related to wildlife.

GAGA: Five Foot Two

Directed by Chris Moukarbel, this documentary followsthe  American pop star and singer Lady Gaga while she was launching, producing, and releasing her fifth studio album Joanne and also her preparation for the Superbowl. In the documentary, Lady Gaga tells her views about relationships, how secure she feels at 30, and her inspiration Madonna. She remembers how her fans lessened the pain she is feeling for five years due to a hip injury. She also reveals the biased against female artists in the industry and how the producers who use their powers against female artists.

American Murder: The Family Next Door

If you like watching crime mysteries then American Murder: The Family Next Door is the perfect choice to watch. It follows the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of the Watts Family, who lived in Colorado. American Murder: The Family Next Door is one of the best documentaries available on Netflix and the use of real footage released by the police makes the show more authentic. A must-watch documentary on Netflix you should not miss at any cost.

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