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Seven Great Family Dogs for First Time Owners

Dogs may be the first animal that human beings domesticated and this might be the reason we feel so much empathy for them and vice versa. Dogs make for great family pets as compared to most of the other domesticated animals. Dogs along with giving companionship, also protect their family. If you never had a pet dog before but planning to get one, then we have made your search easier as we have listed seven great family dogs to keep as a pet.

  1. Alaskan Goldenmute

The Alaskan Goldenmute is a crossbreed between the Alaskan Malamute and Golden Retriever and by nature is quite energetic and animated as it has inherited some of the good traits from its parents. Sometimes Alaskan Goldenmute is mistaken for wolf hybrids, which they are not, but their energy level makes many people think so. They are very energetic thanks to one of their parents the ever-hyper Alaskan Malmute. They don’t do well when kept in small spaces where it does not get a chance to display their energy and because of it, they are not fit for apartment living. It inherited another parent Golden Retriever’s intelligence and patience making them a wonderful companion. They are great stress busters and a lovable member of the family. Even if they are energetic, they are quite loyal and follow instructions of their owners religiously which makes them great dogs for first time owners.

  1. Chabrador

The Chabrador also known as Lab Chows and, sometimes, Chowbradors is a mixed breed dog that was developed by crossbreeding the Chow Chow and Labrador Retriever dog breeds. Dedicated, outgoing, and self-determining, it has inherited some of the best assets from both of its parents. It makes an excellent family dog for even first time owners and if you’re searching for a dog that can be a good companion and guard dog, this is a breed you can consider taking home. Another advantage of Chabrador is that it has received some of the lower maintenance characteristics of its parent breeds, needing less grooming and exercise as compared to most dogs of this category.

  1. Alaskan Klee Kai

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a small-sized dog that is attentive, spirited, and inquisitive, but in front of strangers and unfamiliar situations, it can be aloof and reserved. It has a smooth, responsive, and well-balanced walk with a body that is well proportioned with a level topline and a length marginally longer than its height. When it comes to appearance it has got a wedge-shaped head, vertical triangle shaped ears with a furred double coat in three symmetrical contrasting varieties of colour, and a slackly curled tail that reflects its arctic legacy. It can adjust in apartments also and is a very good option for first timers to keep as a pet.

  1. Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz is quite a small-sized joyful dog that loves to make its family happy and laugh and they are very loyal and intelligent also making it a wonderful companion. They are fond of adventures, they can be good company during a hike, a car ride, or a trip to the water bodies like beaches and lakes. They love their human owners and just enjoy their company very much. As the name suggests, it’s native to Japan but because of its nature, they are popular across the globe. It carries a beautiful and pure white coat with a mane-like feature around its neck with a curled tail curl on its back in a lovely hair plume. Coming to appearance, it has got pointed muzzle with a black nose, black eye rims, and ears of pointed triangles, which stand upright. It is a joyful, cute, friendly dog and an ideal choice for first time owners to take home.

  1. Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd is a loyal breed of dog which can be used for various tasks such as dog sports, tracking, herding, search and rescue activities which make them efficient police dogs. It was developed as an all-purpose farm dog, working as a farm guard, drover, and livestock dog in earlier times. If you are going to be a first time, don’t get worried reading the above mentioned things as Dutch Shepherd nature wise is dynamic, athletic, alert and intelligent. It is also a good herding dog and can be very helpful if you have cattle. But you shall also know that sometimes it can become a little stubborn but that is something you can adjust. It has got a sturdy body with lots of energy because of which it is competent to run all day.

  1. Spinone Italiano

As the name suggests, Spinone Italiano is native to Italy and is a densely-coated dog. By nature, it is friendly, submissive, and enduring, which can be stubborn sometimes but always charming. It belongs to the ancient Italian lineage; the Spinone is one of the field dogs of Continental Europe famous for its versatility. The plural of Spinone Italiano is Spinoni Italiani. Appearance wise it’s squarely and solidly built, muscular and powerful, developed more for durability than speed. In earlier times they were used for hunting but at present, they can be very good companions. It is not suitable for the apartment because of obvious reasons like its large size and great energy. It carries a thick coat with a natural, unclipped look and comes in numerous colours and outlines. It has got soft, pleasantly expressive eyes that is accompanies with shaggy eyebrows and a tufted beard.

  1. Jack Chi

Jack Chi also known as the Jackahuahua and the a small sized mixed breed dog whose parents are Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua dog breeds. Sociable, lively, and energetic, these pups got some of the best qualities from both of their parent breeds. These adorable mixed breed dogs are great for first time owners because they are low-maintenance dogs which can be great companions. They’re cute and full of fun and it’s always great fun to have them around. Also, this breed is totally okay living in apartment

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