Seven Signs and Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency No One Shall Not Ignore

Vitamin D, which is also known as sunshine vitamin, is a very important nutrient to make our body to have healthy functioning. It helps lot to keep our bones healthy and also helps in reducing anxiety. Having vitamin D sufficiently aids to have calcium and phosphorus in your body. It helps a lot to improve the immune system and protects the body from infections and diseases along with helping in growing and developing of cells and bones. In addition, Vitamin D also helps to decrease inflammation caused by infections or injury.

We mostly gets vitamin D from sunlight but that does not mean that the sunlight directly provides you vitamin D, when sunlight falls on our skin, the ski produces vitamin D. Expsoure to sunlight is very important to get vitamin D as it has many health related benefits and deficiency in it causes various illness.

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Here we have curated a list of seven signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency we shall not ignore.

  1. Feeling Exhausted Most of the Times

One of the main signs of lack in vitamin D is that you may feel exhausted after dong even small physical tasks.  You may often feel weakness and mostly exhausted, and make things difficult including your daily tasks.  This continues feeling of weakness and exhaustions can affect your life adversely and it can also make you wobble, that means you will take sloppy, short steps while walking.

  1. Falling Sick Regularly

If you keeps on falling sick frequently, there is a chance that you have vitamin C deficiency. It may happen because lack of vitamin C in your body can affect your immune system and you may feel sick often. It effects the  cells that protect the body from various  infections. Visit a doctor and check  if you hve vitamin D deficiency  of you  frequently gets flu or the cold.

  1. Depression

The most cases of depression are reported mostly during winters because there is less exposure to sun during the winter season. Low vitamin D levels are one of the main reasons of depression. Your mood is wedged by lack of vitamin D along with other issues. Low energy levels can cause depression-related symptoms to be noticeable. Having  vitamin D supplementation can help in reducing depression.

  1. Hair Fall

Hair fall especially among male population has increased a lot in the last couple of years and along with other reasons deficiency in vitamin D can also one of the reasons of hair fall. Check  your vitamin D levels if you are still experiencing hair loss regardless of using every available product and remedy. Many studies have also established a link between vitamin D and hair loss.

  1. Rise in Screen Problems

Lack of Vitamin D can give rise to various problems related to skin such as ashes, acne, and ageing of the skin are some of the skin problems caused because of vitamin d deficiency. You can curb these skin conditions by getting sunlight and foods which are rich in vitamin D or you can take vitamin C supplements also.

  1. Body Ache

Vitamin d deficiency can lead to many types of body ache problems including .bone and back ache. . Lower back and bone discomfort are the two significant signals of inadequate vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is helpful in curb bone health and lower vitamin D levels have been connected with chronic generalized pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and muscle pain.

  1. Slower Wound Healing

In case your wounds after some incident or surgery takes more time then needed then it may be a sign that you have vitamin D deficiency.  The capability of vitamin D to manage infections and lessen inflammation is important to get healed effectively. Vitamin D increases the creation of nutrients that are vital for the development of new skin during the process of wound-healing.

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