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Six Intelligent, Loyal and Affectionate Breed of Dogs: The Oldest Friends of Human Beings.

Dogs are probably one of the most intelligent, friendly, Loyal, and affectionate toward human animals. They are domesticated by pre-historical human beings even before the cattle when they used to find food only through hunting animals, When humans learned about agriculture and human civilizations began, they started living together like a community that becomes villages and towns later. Cattles were needed for farming and dairy products but the value of dogs never came down because they used to protect cattle, be good watchdogs, and help people while hunting.


The beagle is a small-sized breed of dog and is a part of a small scent hound family of dogs, and it looks a bit like a foxhound of large size. The beagle was mainly bred and trained for hunting which helps them in catching animals, especially small animals like hares. It comes in colours such as lemon & White, Tan & White, Red & White, White & Chocolate, Orange & White, and Chocolate Tri. Being amiable, balanced tempered, intelligent, unwavering, and gentle but are quite exciting by nature. The beagle along with an excellent hunting dog is a very loyal companion, it is also playful, and amusing. For hundreds of years, they gave company to people going for hunting. And thus became quite friendly with their family and are usually easygoing. Their length is between 13 and 15 inches beagles are of two varieties, first variety is smaller its height doesn’t exceed 13 inches till the shoulders and the second variety is 15 inches.

2.English Setter English Setter 

English setters are friendly, mellow, and jolly by nature. It’s a medium-sized sporting dog of calm temper and looks gorgeous. It was bred chiefly to work on the difficult different and hard terrains of England and Ireland. It’s very decent but strong dogs that are beautiful and charming. It’s got stippled coat patterns in various colors which added a lot to its personality. Unlike many breeds of dogs, it’s not wary of other animals and strangers. Across the world,, It’s known as the gentleman dog but it also loves to play games and isis energetic while playing.

3.Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pembroke Welsh Corgi 

 A Pembroke welsh corgi is a wonderful disposition dog and is very fond of its human family which adopted it. Along with being fond, they are very loyal and love their family. By nature, they are alert, affectionate, and smart. Because of the reason that they are very loyal, they make for perfect pet dogs, especially in homes where there are stay-at-homes moms and little children. They come in colours like Fawn, Black & Tan, Sable, Black & White, and Red. They leave for 12-15 years with the weight of males 10-14 kilograms and females have weight of 10-13 kilograms. Originating from Pembrokeshire, Wales, they were used as cattle herding dogs, and even today in country side,they are continuing to do the same work of cattle herding. In towns and cities are kept as pets, because they are very loyal. They have got short but have strong legs, muscular thighs, and a deep chest that equip them for a hard day’s work

4.Havanese Havanese 

The Havanese is a bichon-type dog, and one interesting piece of trivia about it is that it’s declared the national dog of Cuba.  This breed got developed from the extinct Blanquito de la Habana breed of dog. It’s the only dog breed that is of Cuban native. It is a small-sized, merry little dog famous for the gleam in its big, brown eyes. These vibrant and friendly dogs are becoming quite famous among American city dwellers. They are friendly and gentle which makes them appropriate to keep as a pet dogs. They’re also a good option to take while are going to travel because they are small in size and are not barking dogs. 

5.The Great Pyrenees The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a big, muscular, double-coated dog. The outer coat is long, coarse, and conventional or a little bit wavy; the undercoat is fine, soft, and thick. Coat colors are milky white with pale yellow, tan, or gray patches. Black is the colour of its nose; with dark brown eyes. Their ears are triangular and flop plunging. It’s got a long tail and plumed, that even touches hocks of dogs. By nature, it’s a calm, courteous, thoughtful dog known for its loyalty. It’s usually trustworthy, caring, and gentle,


The boxer dog, a muscular, short-coated breed with a distinguishing square head are a famous family dog for many decades. It has a sturdy body and gentle, sparkling spirits and is a great fusion. The boxer was first bred in Germany; their ancestors are the Bullenbeizer and the Barebeizer, which were powerful breeds of dogs. It was a popular “working” dog, that was utilized to protect and take care of livestock. In today’s time also they are used to work for police and army.

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