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The entertainment industry gives women equal recognition as it does men, says this entrepreneur

Deepti Gupta, a woman who has worked in corporate for ten years and is a mother of two, founded the new age music label company “Treasure Records” in her spare time. Having a woman in the band helps narrow the gender gap in India’s extremely fast-growing and crucial music industry.

Founded in 2021 by Deepti Gupta, CEO, along with her husband, Deepak Gupta, Managing Director, Treasure Records released its first music video, “Mean”, featuring Sameeksha Sud and Avinash Mishra, in March 2022, and its Second Music Video “JAANIYA” featuring Ankit Tiwari as a singer in August 2022 on their official YouTube Channel. The video received an overwhelming response with close to 2 million views. The power duo also owns a production house, “Treasure Tales Media Pvt. Ltd.” for the production of films, web series, and music videos.

Deepti walks us through her career in the music business with the goal of ushering in a new era of concepts, viewpoints, performers, and content for their audience.

Coming from a corporate background and starting a music label company, what are the challenges you faced as a women entrepreneur in this segment?

Deepti: Coming from a corporate background and launching a music label is not that simple for me, as being a mother of two made starting a business difficult. I lost my communication skills and confidence over a 5-year period because I was totally cut off from the corporate industry where I used to meet people. During Covid, I was so involved with my family that I completely lost my confidence and communication skills, which was the main challenge that I faced as a female entrepreneur in this industry. Because, as we all know, this industry requires a person to be very outspoken.

No one in my family or relatives has any prior entertainment industry experience that can assist me in this business. However, I am extremely grateful to some of my friends who have connections in the entertainment industry and helped me find the best music composer, singer, and director. Siddhant Sachdeva is a famous director who helped me out with the best singer and team for Treasure Records. I must say that having 10 years of corporate experience aided me in planning, plotting, and executing the plan. In this journey, I owe everything to my husband, who encouraged me to face the challenge and return to the business.

There are very few women entrepreneurs in the music industry in India. what made you start a music label company- Treasure records?

Deepti: Not just a few, but I believe men and women have equal opportunities in this field. I believe that this industry is equal in that women receive equal recognition and there are many women who have broken this taboo in the Entertainment industry, including female producers, to name a few Ekta Kapoor, Gauri Khan, Twinkle Khanna, and director Deepa Mehta. If there is an actor, there is also an actress, and if there is a male dancer, there is also a female choreographer. Women work in a variety of fields, not just the entertainment industry. When we look at scientists, the army, the navy, and the air force, as well as businesses with remote workers, we see that women work everywhere. Because of the social media capability, they had also established their business there too.

The music industry is a very fast-changing sector being a mom of two kids, how you manage the business?

Deepti: Yes, the music industry is a rapidly changing industry. People enjoy music, and they change their playlists on a daily basis based on their preferences. Music/entertainment is not a 9 to 5 job where you work on the same process every day. Every day there is a release of a new song or campaign based on occasion, and celebration because India is a country of festivals where we celebrate everything. There is so much creativity. It is not difficult, but it is an interesting and creative process, and if I talk about myself as a mom of two kids and managing the business, it is quite challenging, and my kids will always be my first priority, so I need to follow a routine to manage both equally as I believe if there is no discipline and routine in one’s life you can’t achieve anything.

How YouTube is helping new-age production houses like treasure records to reach the target audience?

Deepti: Yes, YouTube is assisting new-age production houses, but it is not limited to the music or entertainment sectors, but in every sector/segment. We live in a digital world and YouTube has become a source of livelihood for many families. If we can see who is cooking, dancing, and educating, it helps them to grow and show their ability to their target audience. As noted previously, television is the only medium available, and it is very expensive. Now, YouTube is the simplest, least expensive, and most accessible option. We can see that not everyone is not comfortable with technology and the majority of the ladies who have no idea how to run or upload video are now managing their channels with the assistance of their family while sitting at home, spreading the message they desire. YouTube is the most popular and accessible platform for startups. Reach is excellent. It is a complete transformation. Previously, we used physical cassettes to reach our intended audience. But now we see that the internet and social media platforms have made it simple for us.

What do you think is the future of Women’s entrepreneurship in the Indian music industry?

Deepti: Lata Mangeshkar is an excellent example of how women in the music industry always have a bright future. Other females in the creative sector, such as producers, cinematographers, directors, actors, and business owners, have come a long way and accomplished a lot. There are women all over the place. I believe that women will have a brighter future in the coming years.


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