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The first line of defence during Monsoons

After many months of stifling heat and adverse heat waves experienced by different regions, the monsoon season is long overdue. It is finally here with its blossoming rains.

The perfect time to be indoors with your friends and family and enjoy an evening of board games with some hot snacks and beverages. People prefer being indoors because of the invasion of germs that increases during the rains and makes them prone to a host of illnesses. This happens because the humid weather helps germs and bacteria to grow and spread at a rapid rate. This is why it is wise to keep your homes clean and not just clean but germ and bacteria-free.

Neem is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is one of the oldest go-to remedies in many households.

We have all noticed houseflies hovering around in our homes at all times. They feed on trash, rotten food, or any kind of dirt that is present in our surroundings. These being their prime source of survival and then spreading it around is why we need to keep them under control or aim to get completely rid of them.

Vani Anilkumar, a mother and a homemaker said, “I have been a neem user throughout my life, be it for my skin or the floors of my house. I have seen my mom go through the hassle of growing neem and then using them during monsoons to keep the floors clean since it has anti-bacterial properties.

“Lucky for me I have found a perfect product that gives me the same results and saves me the time and effort of going through the long process, that my mother used to do. Nimyle Herbal floor cleaner is the only thing that I need for my house, to keep it germ-free. It has the power of neem and a naturally induced freshness and a long-lasting fragrance in it. This fulfills my purpose of keeping the house clean, protecting it from germ-spreading bacteria, and maintaining the safety of my family members and pets.”

Here are some other natural and environmentally friendly remedies to help you keep the house germ free:

Plants – Keeping plants at home will not just help you beautify your home but also help repel houseflies. Gardening is considered therapeutic as well by many, so this can be a good method to adopt. Some plants that fall under this are Mint, Basil, Rosemary, Chrysanthemum, and Lemongrass. Some of them can be used for cooking as well. A remedy with multi-purpose uses.

Honey and Water – This mixture helps trap flies because of a very simple principle. The sweet smell of honey and water entices houseflies and fruit flies in it. The mixture can be stored in a glass and on top of it, a tissue cone should be put with a small opening. The opening should not be big so that the flies cannot fly back out. The cone will trap the flies once they enter by following the smell.

Pine Oil – Pine oil is a strong natural fly repellent. All you need to do is make little cotton balls, soak them in the oil, put them in a bowl, and then keep it in the corners of the house or areas where you see maximum flies.

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