Tisca Chopra says her upcoming show ‘Dahan’ captures raw fear

Actress Tisca Chopra, who is set to play an IAS officer in her upcoming thriller series ‘Dahan – Raakan ka Rahasya’, shared that the show captures the essence of raw fear as every character involved in the show has its own demons to battle.

The series is a dark tale of myths and superstition and touches upon society, its beliefs and challenges its characters to face their deepest and darkest fears.

Opening up on the show, the actress said: “What I love most about ‘Dahan – Raakan ka Rahasya’ is how it captures raw fear as each character faces their own demons. Avani Raut, my character, fights personal and professional battles when she is caught in the crossfire of superstition and the supernatural and resin and practicality on the other.”

The show takes off when a mining expedition threatens the village fabled with a temple that legends say can unleash a deadly curse when harmed. But Tisca’s character of the IAS officer sets out on a mission to battle age-old superstitions that shroud the village in the face of mysterious killings and disappearances.

Adding further, Tisca said: “The show puts the character Avani Raut on a quest by drawing parallels between her external and internal fears, which all of us confront. It’s been an absolute delight to bring Dahan and Avani to the audiences.”

The show, which has been shot across Rajasthan’s rugged landscapes, also stars Rajesh Tailang, Mukesh Tiwari, Saurabh Shukla, Ankur Nayyar, Rohan Joshi and Lehar Khan.

Celebrated actor Saurabh Shukla, who plays Pramukh, said in a statement: “Dahan – Raakan ka Rahasya’, as a show, meticulously brings together a tale of myths, legends and superstitions.”

“Playing Pramukh puts me in the eye of the strong beliefs surrounding the village and its residents. One element that makes this character stand out is that he fears what he worships, but is too scared to break the chain.”

The nine-episode series, directed by Vikranth Pawar and written by Nisarg Mehta, Shiva Bajpai and Nikhil Nair, has been produced by Banijay Asia, Deepak Dhar, and Rishi Negi, and will drop on September 16 on Disney+ Hotstar.


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