Top 5 exercises for people above 50

No one is ever too late to start a fitness routine. It is important to start with some physical exercise, especially if you are above 50 and want to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical activities and exercises help to prevent age-related problems like joint pains, sleep issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Here is a list of five exercises for those who are 50 and above:

  • Yoga

It is common to develop joint pains and lose flexibility, as you age. Yoga is being practised effectively in relieving joint pains from a very long time. It’s also safe and is the most recommended form of exercise for aged people. The practice of yoga helps to improve your physical and mental balance, strength, and flexibility, it also aids in better sleep.

  • Box Squats

Doing at least ten reps of box squats can help to preserve and strengthen your lower body muscles. You can sit on a plyometric box and push your weight into your heels to get up. Repeat this until your body feels comfortable. The functional movement of box squats helps to strengthen your adductors, hamstrings, erector spinae, quads, and glutes.

  • Dance 

No matter you belong to what age group, dance is a fun exercise that is loved by all. You can try Zumba or even jazzercise which won’t even feel like you are exercising. Dancing helps to improve memory and brain health in aged people. According to research, doing Zumba for 40 minutes can strengthen muscles, improve posture, and helps to burn upto 370 calories.

  • Swimming

Exercising in water is more fun than exercising on land. Swimming is a great aqua aerobic exercise for people aged above 50. Swimming helps to reduce joint pains and strengthens bones and muscles due to the resistance created by water.

It also burns more calories, promotes heart health, and keeps you cool, unlike jogging and cycling.

  • Brisk walking

Brisk walking prevents bone diseases like osteoporosis, builds stamina, and ensures longer life expectancy. Walking is a form of aerobic exercise and is a great option for aged people and it also helps to manage weight and also ensures the effective functioning of the cardiovascular system. Brisk walking for at least 25- 30 minutes is suggested if you are above 50 and want to stay fit and healthy.

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