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Understanding the 4 categories of dog food

Keeping a pet is no less than a lifetime commitment as they are totally reliant on you. The pet owners are often guilty of paying less attention to their pet’s health and more to their own convenience. They don’t like spending time cooking food for their dogs, so they end up feeding them whatever is available. Since there are many options and choices for dog food on the market, it is best to categorize them so that it will be simpler to select and determine which dog food is best.

It is important for one to know the different categories of food, which are suitable for a dog and to know about the necessity of feeding your dogs properly. There are four different categories of dog food and each dog food has its respective category. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to provide their dogs with the proper type of food they deserve.

On the eve of International Dog Day, Ambarish Sikarwar, Business Head of Ziglythis aims to provide you with an insight into the 4 different categories of food for your dogs:

Wet Dog Food: Investigating the wet dog food area is one of the greatest ways to choose food for your pet. This type of food has a soft, mushy quality that dogs find to be very appetizing. It also has the proper aroma, which draws your dog to it and encourages them to gladly eat the meal. Experts advise wet food for picky eaters as well as pups so they may easily ingest the food. Additionally, it is less processed than other foods on the market, allowing the nutrients to stay in their natural state.

Dry Dog Food: There are various varieties of dry dog food available while shopping for dog food online in India. This type of meal is also referred to as kibble. It is perfect for your dog since you can select the one that matches the breed, age, and muzzle type of your furry friend because it comes in a variety of sizes and forms. The food’s crunchiness helps maintain dental hygiene by brushing your pet’s teeth. Feeding your dog is really simple; all you need to do is adjust the ratio of the amount to your dog’s needs.

Semi Moist Dog Food: Semi-moisture dog food is another excellent choice for pet owners looking for the best dog food in India. This type of food is a great approach to make sure that your dog consumes water while eating because it contains 60-65% water by weight. Due to the water content, it aids in maintaining your dog’s hydration. In comparison to dry food, which frequently causes the mouth to get dry when eating, the nutrients in this type of food are easier to digest because they are in a semi-moisturized form. It is advisable that you verify the ingredients before buying it because a small minority of individuals consume this sort of food with excessive sugar and salt, making it unhealthy for your dog.

Canned Food: Water is added to canned dog food based on weight. It is essential for allowing your pet to enjoy their food and all of the nutrients. Canned food might not contain enough protein and might have too much fat. Despite having fewer processing steps than dry dog food, it does contain more water, which can lower the number of nutrients.

Always choose dog food in cans that are marketed as being 100% nutritionally complete.

However, apart from the effort required to open the can, canned dog foods are easily accessible in supermarkets, have a lengthy shelf life, and require little preparation.

Feeding your dog is a very sensitive task, as you want to make sure that you are giving them the nutrients that they need to stay healthy. While some are great for their nutritional value, some are best for giving your dog energy while others are just to satisfy their taste buds. Understanding the different types of dog food will help you make good choices when it comes to feeding your dog. If a dog does not have a proper diet and exercise, he/she will have behavioral problems. So it is very important that we feed our dogs with proper food and give them proper exercise. If a dog gets a proper diet, it will stay healthy and happy.

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