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Upcoming feature of Apple Watch to track blood sugar levels

The Apple Watch has evolved into a health-focused smartwatch, over the years.

The device already consists of plenty of features, and now, it could soon get a major upgrade – glucose tracking, as per the new reports. This feature could prove extremely beneficial in keeping a track of blood sugar levels for diabetic patients.

Below you will get to know about the details of this upcoming feature.

Many reports had claimed that the feature was still years away from showing up in an actual product, while there are some rumors that Apple is exploring a non-invasive way to track glucose and blood sugar levels.As per reports, just recently, Kevin Sayer, the CEO of glucose tracking system producer Dexcom, teased that they may be partnering with Apple for bringing glucose monitoring on the Apple Watch.

Recently on CNBC’s show with  Jim Cramer, Sayer claimed that in the coming months,Dexom is planning to launch a bunch of upgrades for its G6 diabetes system, an FDA-approved glucose monitoring kit.He added that the upgrades will include a direct-to-Apple Watch version of the system, which may allow for tracking blood sugar levels on the Apple Watch. Now, this could be a boon for diabetic patients.

However, many details are still confidential. The CEO also claimed “this tool is great for people with diabetes” but didn’t say anything on how the upgraded G6 version is going to work with the Apple Watch. Either way, it could certainly make people suffering from diabetes track their blood sugar levels easily.

To note, over 70 million people suffer from diabetes in India.

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