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Useful Tips To Manage Your Diabetic Health during Diwali

The countdown to Diwali feels around the corner when we start cleaning our homes, gifting our loved ones, making sweets, and whatnot, and after dussehra only few days are left for Diwali, that means back to back festival season. In India, festivals mean lots of sweets and oily food. But this is also the time when we shouldn’t forget about our health, especially for diabetic patients, it becomes crucial to be extra cautious during festive season.

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If you are also finding it difficult to control your fat and sugar intake this festive season,

Here are some useful tips to eat healthily, especially if you’re diabetic.

  • Keep a check on your meals

It is highly recommended for diabetic people to not skip their meals and try to keep a control on  their intake of carbohydrates. This can be done by dividing your intake of carbohydrates. Note that you should not take carbohydrate-or sugar-rich meals such as oily food all at once as they can increase the blood sugar levels extremely fast.

In fact, not only carbs but try to divide all the nutrients properly into your meals so that they are absorbed and used for various functions of the body.

  • Don’t skip Workout

With all the celebrations and rituals going all around, do not forget to take out time for your daily workout. Working out will help you burn those extra calories that you might have gained and keep you energetic all day long. Also, try to have complex carbohydrates to avoid a sudden surge in sugar levels. Remember to not take too much alcohol as it can spike your blood glucose levels.

  • Go for Healthy Sweets

Preparing sweets at home with ‘ghee’ is an alternative healthy option for diabetic patients. The sweets you buy are mostly made up of hydrogenated oil.

So, you can prepare your own healthier sweets at home such as halwa, ragi ladoo, and jalebi by using ghee, as it is a healthy fat. You can also add fruit pulp to your sweets to make them even healthier for diabetes. Moreover, instead of having sweets all day, munching on fruits in between is another good alternative. 

Some other tips to stay fit in the festival season

  • Keep a check on what you are eating. It is fine to not avoid chocolates or sweets, but you should regulate the quantity you are consuming.
  • Opt for fresh juices instead of colas and sodas.
  • Roasted dry fruits are healthier options as compared to the fried ones.

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