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Ways to reduce plastic use as a family

As parents one thing we need to vouch for is to provide children with a cleaner and greener environment to live happily and to raise healthy kids of their own. And what steps can we take to ensure our kids of this green future? Ask yourself this question, it matters.

“Am just one person. We are just one family. How much change can I bring about?” Is this something that you often wonder about or use as an excuse? Don’t, it is the multitude of small drops that make up the mighty ocean. You don’t know how many fellow parents or friends you can inspire or influence with your thoughts and actions.

Here’s how you can do your bit to reduce (and slowly eliminate) single-use plastics at home. Try it and take the initiative today. You will be proud of yourself.

Start right in the morning:

Start with the first thing you pick up in the morning — your toothbrush. It is reported that over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes are found in landfills every year. How hard is it to make the switch to simple and effective bamboo toothbrushes for everyone in the family?

Carry your own bottle:

A habit we all had when we were kids and then fizzled out. Make sure you pack a bottle (steel or glass) in your bag so you use that and refill it every time instead of buying pet water bottles from the store. Be it meeting a client, flight travel, or a visit to the movie theatre, I make sure I carry my own bottle (and my daughters emulate me too!). This way you say goodbye to loads of single-use plastic bottles strewn across.

Eat the right way:

Be it your dinner plates or your toddler’s first plate to try out those finger foods, go green. Open the stack of silverware your family gifted you. Or steel works too. Ditch the fancy melamine, and BPA-free plastic that looks enticing for your kids. All that glitters, isn’t gold.

Say bye-bye to straws:

Be it having your favourite milkshake or that healthy tender coconut down the road, carry your own steel straw in your bag, everywhere you go. There are plenty available in the market. Over 8.3 billion plastic straws are used and thrown every year — this way, you will be doing your bit to save the planet.

Purchase wisely:

Whether you order online or purchase from the local supermarket, be a smart consumer. For every small pack that you order, you would be throwing out that many plastic covers that pack the same. Remember as kids, how we saw our moms buy in bulk and store them right? Adopt those simple practices to eliminate frequent and small-size packs.

Remember to educate your kids about why you adopt these practices. Read books with them and help them understand why we must act now before it is too late.

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