Who is Inderjit Nikku, A Punjabi Singer Whose Heart Wrenching Video Has Been Viral

An old video of Inderjit Nikku, a well-known Punjabi musician, has gone viral online. In the popular video, Inderjit Nikku is seen sobbing for his lack of employment alongside a saint. Inderjit Nikku, a Punjabi singer, is featured in the popular video. In the video, Nikku is pleading for help from the Hindu saint. He is outlining his condition. He can be heard complaining that because of his debt and lack of employment in his field, his mental stress is at an all-time high.

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After the internet broke on the internet, people started scrounging for the artist. When digging into more, it has come out that Inderjit Nikku is one of the legendary artists who have made their place in the hearts of people with hit songs.

Who is Inderjit Nikku?

Inderjit Nikku is a Punjabi singer who is popularly known as Nikku. He hailed from Ludhiana, Punjab. He is one of the artists who inspired many youngsters to tie the turban. Inderjit landed in the industry with the song ‘Nasha Jawani Daa’ in 1995. And after that, there was no turning back for the singer for at least a decade. But it seems like something has gone wrong, and the singer has vanished from the industry. After a  long break, his latest project was released on July 29, 2022, titled ‘Pinda Wale’.

About Inderjit Nikku’s Viral Video:

Meanwhile, speaking of his viral video, the singer was seen as depressed, but many Punjabi artists lent their support to Nikku during his crisis. He then took to his social media and showed his gratitude towards fans and people in the industry. He also expressed that he doesn’t need money but needs the love and moral support of people. Hope the artist receives what he wishes.

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