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Why OTT over theatres for ‘Jiivi 2’: Producer Suresh Kamatchi explains

Well-known Tamil film producer Suresh Kamatchi, who is known for having made blockbusters like ‘Maanaadu’, has explained why he chose to release his upcoming thriller film, ‘Jiivi 2‘, directly on OTT instead of first opting for a theatrical release.

Participating in a press conference organised by the team of ‘Jiivi 2’, the sequel to the critically acclaimed thriller, Suresh Kamatchi said: “I must respond to the grievance that the film’s director Gopinath has expressed. Gopi, during his speech here, said that he felt bad that this film was releasing directly on OTT before being released in theatres.

“To be honest, all of us feel bad about the fact that this film is coming out only on OTT. To be frank, all of you know the kind of opening that small films get in theatres. Take for instance, the case of the Tamil film, ‘Maamanithan’. It did not evoke a desired response in theatres. However, it has become a huge success on OTT and has reached a stage that the OTT platform is now even ready to hold a success meet for that film.

“Under these circumstances, if I choose to release this film in theatres and if for some reason it does not do well there and if the OTT platforms refuse to buy it citing the inadequate response to the film in theatres, then, not only will director Gopinath’s future be affected, it will also affect the future of actor Vetri, who has placed immense trust in me.”

The film, which has triggered huge interest in audiences, as it is the sequel to a popular thriller.

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