5 Alternative for ice cubes if you hate diluted drinks

Ice cubes often dilute and water down your fancy icy cold drinks unless you are someone who  guzzles down your drinks as soon as they arrive. Many solutions have been tried to cope up with this problem such as changing the ice cube’s shape which is based on a theory that spheres have minimum surface area/volume area and melt slower, but honestly who’s got time for all this?

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Don’t worry, we have a list of ice cube alternatives that are efficient and won’t water down your drinks during parties. 

  1. But if you are someone who doesn’t like the taste of watered down drinks, you could just go for the traditional quick fix that is pre- chilling. At home, It’s easy and feasible and at restaurants, you can simply ask your server to pre-chill a drink.
  2. The fanciest solution you could find for chilling a drink is freezing tiny fruits, like grapes, and popping them in. It’s elegant and it goes pretty well with cocktails. 
  3. Another alternative is to make ice cubes of the same drink you are consuming. But this doesn’t work for alcoholic drinks since spirits lower the freezing point.
  4. Whiskey stones can also be used as they have an upper hand on ice as they don’t melt and ruin a perfectly balanced spirit and are mainly developed for whiskey connoisseurs. 
  5. ‘Reusable ice-cubes’ made with plastic are also available in the market, but some users complain about a taste difference, and it may not always be food-grade plastic.

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