5 Health Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

Dead sea salt is a special type of salt with higher mineral content than other sea salts which is mainly obtained from the famous Dead Sea located in Israel. 

Dead sea salt has been used since ancient times, because of its composition that contains essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. On a comparison between normal sea salt and dead sea salt, generally, sea salt comprises 85% sodium chloride whereas Dead Sea salt (DSS) contains only 55-60% of sodium chloride. Due to its amazing healing properties, dead sea salt is considered abundantly healthy.

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Here is a list of health benefits of Dead Sea Salt:

  • Treats Dandruff problem

Dandruff is an issue that  embarrasses everyone at least one and I am sure, you might have tried a wide range of shampoos without any permanent cure. Don’t worry, DSS is your permanent solution to get rid of dandruff. High sodium content present in DSS removes flakes, strengthens your hair and you will notice the dandruff fading away within two weeks of the use of DSS.

  • Manage stress Levels

If you are suffering from extreme stress, taking a bath regularly for 15 minutes with DSS can reduce stress to an extreme extent. Your body muscles get relaxed promoting faster recovery, stress, and anger management.

  • Treats psoriasis

DSS has been used against psoriasis for a very long time. Psoriasis is linked with constant itching, burning sensations, soreness and swollen joints and being a chronic disease, many people suffer from it for a long period. Especially in children, psoriasis leaves scaly spots on the skin. Many ointments use DSS as major ingredients to treat such skin issues and you can try DSS on your own for instant relief. 

  • Beneficial for Skin and Bones

Taking a bath with Dead sea salt has been proven to be beneficial for various skin issues because it is abundant in minerals and known to reduce skin inflammation. It is known to reduce skin dryness, symptoms of inflammation and also treats rheumatological diseases, which are autoimmune diseases affecting bones, organs, joints, muscles, and skin.

  • Treats skin dryness

If there is unavailability of sufficient water, your skin becomes dryer from the outside promoting rashes and scars and skin dryness is also a precursor for various skin issues.To restore water content in your skin, a bath for 15 minutes with DSS can work wonders. The results will make your skin look youthful. 


Is it safe to use DSS?

There are no harmful chemicals present in DSS to affect your skin and yes, it is safe for a moderate amount of use on the skin. However, keep a check on not to swallow a drop while bathing as it can be toxic when it goes inside the body disrupting homeostasis.

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