5 Healthy Homemade Drinks for Diabetic Patients

It becomes extremely important to look after your diet, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, and to be very careful about the carbs, sugar, and calories you intake is another crucial matter.
Balance of what you drink and eat in a day and avoid consuming sugar-loaded food and beverages to manage your blood glucose levels, are foremost diet tips suggested by medical professionals.

Consuming packed sugar drinks is a big no for diabetics, but you can mix ‘n match some ingredients available at home to enjoy healthy drinks during diabetes.

Here is a list of five healthy homemade beverages for diabetics:

1) Barley Slushy

Barley is known to lower your blood sugar levels and insulin levels, as it is packed with insoluble fiber, making it an excellent option for diabetic patients.It also works as a slowing agent to moderate the absorption of sugar by binding with it in your digestive tract. In a non-stick pan, add some grains of unsweetened barley and water, mix well. You can then cook it for 10-12 minutes and strain the mixture.
Can be served hot/cold with or without salt.

2) Warm Green Tea with Mint Leaves

Ayurveda has always focused on the positive impact of herbal teas for diabetics. They tend to manage blood sugar levels in the body and provide you energy to help you to stay active throughout the day. Whenever you crave for some warm tea, fresh mint and lemon tea is a good option because it is a low-calorie and unsweetened beverage. Boil green tea and fresh mint leaves with water and let them steep for some time. Add some drops of lemon juice, mix well, and strain the mixture. Enjoy it warm!

3) Bitter gourd juice

You might already know that bitter gourd is considered one of the most beneficial vegetables to cure diabetes patients. It has properties that help to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body. Packed with charantin which lowers blood sugar levels, consumption of bitter gourd in any form is extremely beneficial for diabetics. It also tends to activate your insulin levels and prevent the sugar from getting converted into fat keeping you more healthy. To make this beverage at home, just some bitter gourd and blend it with water. Strain the mixture. You can also add lemon juice and salt for better taste. Mix it well and serve immediately.

4) Sabja Seeds With Coconut Water

Sabja seeds, also called basil seeds in common language, are an effective diabetic-friendly ingredient as well as cooler ingredient during summers. They are one of the best natural and vegetarian protein sources that helps in slowing down the body’s metabolism and prevents the conversion of carbs into glucose. You can make sabja seed mojito by mixing one teaspoon of sabja seeds with coconut water. Later, add a few ice cubes with some honey, mix it well and enjoy this chilled during summers also enjoying its healthy benefits.

5) Neem Drink

Neem leaves have the tendency to manage elevated blood sugar levels. Neem is tightly packed with flavonoids, triterpenoids, antiviral compounds, and glycosides. A study by the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology claims that .neem helps to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. You can enjoy this drink twice a week for best results. Blend together fresh neem leaves and water and strain the mixture. Serve immediately.

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