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6 Female Celebrities Who Are S*x Addicts

1) Angelina Jolie
Who can forget this stunning actress’s lesbian ex-lover Jenny Shimizu who claimed that Jolie had a collection of knives she loved to use in the bedroom. Moreover, she has quite a sexual history before Brad Pitt, including being a sex addict along with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, who cheated on her with his sex therapist! Go figure!

2) Britney Spears
Oops… She Did It Again! The pop singer definitely knows how to stay in limelight. And this female celebrity sex addiction is one of the things that kept the spotlight shining brighter than bright. She was known to have had long sex marathons with her ex, Kevin Federline. We are not sure who we feel sorrier for. For better or for worse, the couple, however, have two kids together.

3) Lindsay Lohan
Even before her ‘real’ problems started, she had quite a reputation of not liking to sleep alone. She admitted this in one of her interviews. However, we are wondering how she managed her stay in prison, given her addiction. Remind us if that’s why she changed her ‘preferences’.

4) Paris Hilton
You saw this coming, didn’t you? The American heiress is known for her frivolous lifestyle and insatiable sex appetite. After all, her pornographic video ‘One Night in Paris’ made her who she is today. We think it should be renamed as ‘Paris’s One Nights’.

5) Amber Smith
After coping with drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution, ex supermodel of the ‘70s and the ‘80s, cleaned up on Dr. Drew‘s Celebrity Rehab. Once sober, she revealed that sex, drugs and dysfunctions were always up her sleeves. Lucky for her, Dr. Drew also launched Celebrity Sex Rehab.

6) Nicole Narain
She had her fair share of fame in the media before landing up on Dr. Drew’s Sex Rehab show. A former playboy playmate, this celeb has also been featured in several music videos. Oh, and she also slept with Collin Farrell!

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