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Akbash Pyrenees Dog Breed, Price, Lifespan, Temperament and Size

Akbash Pyrenees Dog Breed Overview

One of the most searched dog breeds on the internet; Akbash Pyrenees belongs to the Large size dog. Also known as Coban Kopegi,Akbash  dog,Turkish Shepherd, , this breed was discovered first in the Turkey. The average lifespan of this dog breed is 8-12 years and is associated with the Mixed Breed Dogs Group.

Dog Breed Name:Akbash Pyrenees
Other Names:Coban Kopegi, Akbaş Çoban Köpeği, and Askbash Dog
Size:large size dog
Average Height:28 to 34 inches
Average Weight:80 to 120 lbs
Energy:Average energy level
Group:Mixed Breed Dogs
Life Span:8 to 12 Years
Dog Breed Overview:The Akbash Pyrenees is a mixed breed, so they don’t have history as their own breed. Both parent breeds, however, are well known and loved. The Akbash originated in Turkey as a livestock guardian approximately 3000 years ago. The Great Pyrenees originated in central Asia, also as a shepherd and protector of livestock. Both of these breeds are respected for their loyalty, independent natures, and willingness to follow commands.


Akbash Pyrenees  Dog Breed Price

Akbash Pyrenees from regular breeders cost you from $600 to 700 per puppy.

Akbash Pyrenees Dog Breed Size

The Akbash Pyrenees varies in size: males are normally about  28 to 34 inches in height and around 80 to 140 pounds (36 to 63 kg ) in weight, while females are normally around 28 to 34 inches  in height and (36 to 63 kg )  in weight.

Akbash Pyrenees Dog Breed Temperament

Akbash Pyrenees are often good natured and loving with their families. With that in mind, it’s still a good idea to work on socialization from a young age. Both of these breeds may be wary of strangers or other dogs.

How long does a Akbash Pyrenees live?

The average lifespan for an Akbash Pyrenees is 8  to 12 years. That’s because these are medium-sized dogs with a good mix of genes in their blood.

Interesting Facts about Akbash Pyrenees

  • The Akbash Pyrenees aim to please and strive for excellence.
  • The Akbash Pyrenees has a fluffy, thick double coat. This is a joy to pet but can be difficult to groom.
  • Akbash Pyrenees are loyal and easily trainable, but not for beginner dog parents. They can be strong-willed and have issues with possessiveness.

FAQ’s on Akbash Pyrenees Dog

Are Akbash Pyrenees Dangerous Dogs? Are Akbash Pyrenees naturally aggressive?

These pups are highly intelligent and, though they don’t have explosive energy, are quite agile and strong if they sense danger and need to act. If they sense anything amiss, they will growl or bark at strangers, but they are not overly aggressive towards them.

Are Akbash Pyrenees smart?

Yes, Akbash Pyrenees are a highly intelligent dog breed.

Are Akbash Pyrenees trainable?

They are highly trainable, have the ability to learn complicated tasks, and perform excellently as search and rescue dogs.

Can Akbash Pyrenees be kept with other dogs?

Akbash dogs may not always get along well with other dogs they have not been raised with, regarding them as “predators” approaching their flock (family). If raised with children or other pets, they will be very protective

Do Akbash Pyrenees have locking jaws?

No, they do not have locking jaws.

Are Akbash Pyrenees safe to keep with kids?

There are some factors to consider before adding the Akbash Pyrenees to your family. The breed is often good with children. They are patient and unlikely to grow mouthy. Additionally, with proper introduction, their background as a guardian breed makes them typically a good fit with small animals and cats.

Are Akbash Pyrenees unpredictable dogs?

Akbash dog Known for suspicious, protective instincts, the Akbash dog is fiercely independent and can be a challenge to train into an acceptable family pet. The Akbash dog’s guarding tendencies can make these dogs prone to “alarm barking,” sometimes to excess.

What should I feed my Akbash Pyrenees?

We recommend Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural adult dry dog food as the best overall choice for your Great Pyrenees. This grain-free recipe featuring omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promotes skin and coat health.

How long does a Akbash Pyrenees live?

An Akbash Pyrenees can live anywhere from 8 to 12 years.

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