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Basic Information About Seven Breeds of Dogs Which You Can Consider to Make a Part of Your Family

Among all the pet animals, dogs are more loving and loyal to their owners than others pets like cats or cattle. In the prehistoric period when human beings used to live in caves, dogs were helpful for hunting, herding cattle, and protecting them, especially during the night. At present dogs are kept usually to have a loyal companion and some breeds are good watchdogs also. We have created a list of seven breeds of dogs that will help you to choose the right breed of dog to be a part of your family.

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is a purebred dog that is also known by other names Dansk-svenskgårdshund and Danish Pinscher. As its name suggests they originated from Denmark and southern Sweden. By tradition, they used to live on farms and were developed to do numerous works, like hunting, tracking, and as watchdogs. They are available in an array of tri-color and two–colour coats. The typical colours are white, brown, and black. The breed’s coat is quite simple to take care of. But, it sheds quite a bit, so they are not suggested for families with allergies. Because of their hunting and working traits, these dogs entail loads of exercise. They also do not feel comfortable if left alone for long periods of time

Black Russian Terrier

A native to Siberian steppes, Russia, the Black Russian Terrier belongs to the terrier family of dogs famous for their loyalty, intelligence, courage, and calm nature. It is a large, very potent worker with strong bones and has a rough all-black coat. They are acknowledged for their bravery, loyalty, and intellect. They were developed to guard and protect cattle and homes where they stay, and are indifferent to strangers. This strong guard dog can slant the scales at 64 kgs and stand as high as 77 centimeters at the shoulder. It has got an all-black coat that is warm enough because it can patrol some of the frostiest livable places in the world.

Australian Shepherd Husky

The Australian Shepherd Husky also called Aussie Siberian is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Siberian husky dog breeds. These energetic dogs are shielding and faithful and received some of the best qualities from both of their parents. They commonly weigh around 40 to 65 pounds and the height can be f 18 to 25 inches at the shoulder though, it may vary. Their coats are mostly a mix of their parents’ coats and colors. The main colours of this breed are black, white, brown cream, and tan. They are every so often a beautiful combination of any of these colours.


A Komodor is a strongly large-sized dog and native to Hungary where it was used as a flock guardian covered in copious white cords from head to tail and is one of the world’s most familiar breeds. The sovereign and caring Komomdor needs a firm, knowledgeable hand at training. The plural of Komondor is Komondorok. It is a huge and potent guardian and a large male can stand more than 27.5 inches and weigh over 46 kgs, with strong bones, a profound chest, and heaps of muscle. In spite of being sturdy, they are supple and light-footed and walk with long steps. If you are looking for a strong, large-sized, and energetic dog, it is a perfect breed to take home

Canaan Dog

The Canaan Dog is the national dog of Israel. It is a swift, medium-sized meadow dog that is submissive towards its family but reserved with strangers. It is a quite alert dog that is a vocal and determined protector of the flock and home. Appearance wise they are slim, bushy-tailed dogs standing 19 to 24 inches at the shoulder. It has got a coat that is hard and punitive and comes in various colors and patterns. It has got stiff, expressive ears and dark almond eyes that convey intrusive expressions. Nature wise they are sharp, agile, and seemingly diligent, making them a good companion for hikers and runners. They are quite smart, confident, and provincial and mark their areas. If you are looking for a dog that has got agility, obedience, and herding talent, and is good at patrol duty then it’s the perfect choice for you

Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier dog breed was first bred in Ireland where they were famous and described as the “poor man’s sentinel, the farmer’s friend, and the gentleman’s favorite.” Sharp and courageous, they have the benefits of a suitable size, multipurpose abilities as a confidant, watchdog, and pests dispatcher, and they are easily trainable. But owners who have to leave home for a long period of a day might have a hard time meeting the Irish Terrier’s physical requirements as they hate being alone. But if you can give them lots of care, endurance, and a big space to work out and play, you’ll have an affectionate, lifelong companion.


The Pudelpointer is a peaceful, disciplined, and adaptable gun dog with a diverse hunting nature and are ever ready to take part in outdoor activities and dog sports. In its native country that is Germany, this breed has always ranked high in performance tests in various activities even in fields. This breed is enjoyed and valued for its eagerness to do tasks and is quite energetic. It is a crossbreed between the Poodle and Pointer dog breeds. A multipurpose, innately sound and hale and hearty gun dog developed is be wire-haired, flat/short, or uneven and its coat colours varies from light brown to black with sometimes having small white markings.


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