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Fitbit Band to track blood sugar levels in diabetics

Nowadays, Fitness trackers are not only innovative watches but also fashion statements. People still refer to them colloquially as “my Fitbit” even if their device is of another brand. However, Fitbit is planning to double down on this effect by helping diabetic people monitor their blood sugar levels and manage their diabetes. The bold move is backed by Fitbit’s new multi-year partnership with French firm Life Scan.

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Here are some details about the new Fitbit band for diabetic patients:

  • Fitbit’s X LifeScan’s new collaboration would offer diabetic patients a check of how their blood glucose levels are impacted by lifestyle patterns such as daily activity, nutrition, and sleep. LifeScan already caters to 20 million diabetic patients around the world and Fitbit could help them lead healthier lifestyles with  the new tools being developed in collaboration with Lifescan.
  • Recent News also suggests that OneTouch customers will get the Fitbit Inspire 2 bands. Healthcare providers and payers will get access through a reimbursed adjudicated option very soon. The new benefits for diabetic patients will be delivered through a US based service called OneTouch Solutions. OneTouch revealed that users will receive access to Fitbit Premium subscriptions  and Fitbit Inspire 2 bands.  Also, Fitbit apps and OneTouch Reveal apps will be connected.
  • The partnership will help diabetic patients understand how daily  exercise regulates their blood sugar levels. Fortunately, there is another feature where OneTouch blood glucose data will be viewable alongside other Fitbit-tracked activity metrics. In recent news, a three-year partnership with Diabetes  UK for a series of initiatives to encourage behavioral change, was announced by fitbit. This also includes the One Million Step.
  • The specifics about this partnership are still to be revealed by Fitbit. Lifescan and Fitbit might have refrained from elaborating and laying claims about how LifeScan customers would benefitted. Reason being to avoid lawsuits in the future alleging misleading advertising. That said, many details about the wearable brand are yet confidential, be it its duration before launching, potential benefits for existing Fitbit customers, and other related specifics.

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