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Five Ayurvedic food items to help manage diabetes naturally

Diabetes is one of the most rapidly growing diseases in India, which can prove to be fatal. It is often characterized by frequent urination, fatigue, and nausea, diabetes can lead to dreadful health issues like cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, skin conditions, and even depression. However, to manage your diabetic health, switching to a healthy diet should be considered.

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Here is a list of five Ayurvedic foods to manage diabetes and regulate your blood sugar levels.

  • Benefits of Turmeric:

Commonly known as haldi, an Ayurvedic superfood, it is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which are vital for managing diabetes, and other associated ailments. Research shows that curcumin is an active compound found in turmeric that decreases levels of glucose in the blood, and also helps to manage other diabetes-related problems. You can consume it by adding it in your daily dishes during preparation, or mix it in a nice glassful of warm milk.

  • Amla: 

Packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, iron, and calcium, amla (Indian gooseberry) helps boost your overall health, and keeps the risk of dreadful health conditions at bay and is often known as a storehouse of nutrition that helps to lower down blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. According to studies, amla can help in making the body more responsive to insulin and regulate effects of diabetes. It also improves your eyesight, skin health, immunity, and digestion. It can be consumed raw, in the form of pickles or you can prepare its juice.

  • Fenugreek: 

Fenugreek (methi seeds) is considered great for keeping a check on your diabetes as it slows down digestion, checks blood-sugar and improves insulin activity. These seeds contain fiber that help in slowing down the digestion process and regulating absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. To avail the maximum benefits, mix one teaspoon of fenugreek powder with lukewarm water, and drink early in the morning, regularly .

  • Jamun:

Jamun/the Indian blackberry is a top food in Ayurveda for treating problems like diabetes because it is packed with amazing antioxidant properties and it also contains jamboline, a chemical which eventually slows down the diastatic conversion of starch into sugars, and helps to manage your blood sugar levels.

  • Bitter Gourd: 

Karela/bitter gourd is known to regulate blood sugar levels and treat diabetes, as well as aids in  weight loss and boosting skin. Drink its juice regularly to avail the maximum benefits.

Foods to be avoided by Diabetics:

There is no hard and fast rule to avoid specific food in diabetes, but the food items that can cause a spike in insulin and blood sugar levels should be avoided. Sugary drinks (sodas/juices/sports drinks), processed foods, honey/maple syrup, sweetened yogurt, sugary coffee, white bread, pasta, and breakfast cereals (with added sugars), are some common examples of this.

Other Healthy Diet Tips:

Here are some handy diet tips that should be followed by Diabetics :

  • Foods with moderate amounts of carbohydrates should be preferred.
  • Consume more whole grains and fibrous rich food such as peas, beans, oats, and barley. 
  • Keep a check on saturated fats and high-fat dairy food items.
  • Try to not skip meals and break your daily diet into smaller portions.

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