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Greyhound Dog Breed Price, Lifespan, Temperament and Size

Greyhound Dog Breed Overview

One of the most searched dog breeds on the internet, Greyhound belongs to the larger size Dog. Also known as the English Greyhound This breed was discovered first in the United Kingdom . The average lifespan of this dog breed is 12-15 years and is associated with the Hound Dogs

Dog Breed Name:Greyhound
Other Names:English Greyhound
Size:Giant large size dog
Average Height:Male: 28-30 inches (71-76 cm), Female: 27-28 inches (68-71 cm)
Average Weight:Male: 65-80 pounds (29-36 kg), Female: 60-70 pounds (27-31 kg)
Energy:low energy levels
Origin:United Kingdom
Group:Hound Dogs
Life Span:12 to 15 years
Dog Breed Overview:The Greyhound is an ancient breed that originated in the Middle East and North Africa and has won the admiration of many different cultures. Greyhounds have been mentioned by Greeks, depicted in art by Egyptians, praised by a Roman poet, and are the only breed of dog mentioned in the Bible.Greyhounds found their way into Europe during the Dark Ages. They were so respected for their hunting prowess that the laws of the time protected royal game reserves by forbidding anyone living within 10 miles of the king's forests from owning a Greyhound.The Greyhound's popularity continued to grow in England, thanks to the popularity of coursing (the sport of chasing prey) and racing. Spanish explorers and British colonists brought them to the Americas where they thrived as well, coursing jackrabbits and coyotes on the wide-open plains.The Greyhound was one of the first breeds to appear in American dog shows, and the American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1885. The first official coursing race took place in 1886, and the National Coursing Association in the United States was founded in 1906. Greyhound racing took off and is popular today in many states, although it's a controversial sport because so many dogs are abandoned, euthenized, or sold to laboratories if they don't do well at the track.

  • Trainability: Greyhounds are easy to train.
  • Apartment Friendly: Very house-friendly dog the Greyhound breed.
  • Grooming: Effortless: The Greyhound requires minimal grooming.
  • Drooling Tendency: The Greyhound is a perfect example of a low drooling tendency.
  • Hypoallergenic: Greyhounds don't do well with allergy sufferers by causing allergic reaction.
  • Mouthiness: Greyhounds have a higher than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people.
  • Impulse to Wander or Roam: Greyhounds have high wanderlust potential, which means that this breed has a strong desire for exploring the world.

Greyhound Dog Breed Price

Greyhound from regular breeders cost you from $500 to $800 per puppy.

Greyhound Dog Breed Size

The Greyhound varies in size males are normally about 28-30 inches (71-76 cm) in height and around 65-80 pounds (29-36 kg) in weight, while females are normally around 27-28 inches (68-71 cm) in height and 60-70 pounds (27-31 kg) in weight. 

Greyhound Dog Breed Temperament

The Greyhound With his mild, sensitive personality, he needs a gentle approach in training, never harsh. Greyhounds are more interested in doing things *with* you than *for* you. They are very affectionate with their families, though they tend to be reserved with strangers.

Greyhound Dog Breed Lifespan

The average lifespan for a Greyhound is 12 to 15 years. That’s because these are medium-sized dogs with a good mix of genes in their blood.

Interesting Facts about Greyhound Dog

  • Although a Greyhound puppy is an adorable addition to your family, many sweet adult Greyhounds are available for adoption after their racing days are over. Every year, many “retired” racing Greyhounds are abandoned, euthanized, or sold to laboratories, but they can adapt wonderfully to home life and give you many years of companionship. Before you put your name on a waiting list for a Greyhound puppy, check out the world of Greyhound rescue.
  • Because of their thin coats, Greyhounds can get the shivers. If you live in a cold climate, buy a warm coat for your dog to wear in snow or rain.
  • A Greyhound should never be allowed to run off leash except in a securely fenced area. Greyhounds have a strong prey drive and will take off after a rabbit or squirrel before you even see it.
  • When Greyhounds aren’t socialized — exposed to many different people, places, and situations — they can become timid and have problems adapting to changes in schedule or environment. Take the time to socialize your dog or puppy.
  • Greyhounds are generally a loving breed and affectionate to their people. Usually this friendliness extends to strangers, but they can be aloof with some or all strangers.
  • Although many believe that this breed is made to run and has the destructive energy to go with it, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Greyhounds are generally docile and quiet, and they’re world-class nappers. They do well in apartments and homes with small yards because of their low indoor energy.
  • Muzzling Greyhounds, especially retired racing Greyhounds, is a common practice. Greyhounds will nip at other dogs and can hurt smaller dogs and animals if their prey drive takes over. Many rescues recommend muzzling adopted Greyhounds, at least until they get settled into their new homes and you have a better idea of their temperament.
  • Greyhounds are low to average shedders depending on the time of the year and the individual dog, and they require minimal grooming. The lack of a heavy coat leaves their skin vulnerable to scrapes, tears, and nicks.

FAQ’s on Greyhound Dog

Are Greyhounds smart?

In general, The Greyhound is highly intelligent but can be a handful to train, early socialization is highly recommended.

Are Greyhounds trainable?

The Greyhound is a dog that has a reputation for being very tricky to train.

Can a Greyhound attack its owner?

No, Greyhound is a highly loyal breed. If this ever occurs it is due to poorly raising and socializing the dog and would be a very rare instance.

Does Greyhound kill people?

No, Even when raised improperly, Greyhound will not kill a person. When they attack, it is due to them being raised and socialized improperly by the owner. The reason that they can hurt people more than most other dog breeds is the fact that they have strong jaws and have a bad reputation due to which victims are in shock.

Does Greyhound have locking jaws?

No, they do not have locking jaws.

Is Greyhound safe to keep with kids?

Greyhounds are good with kids so long as they are well trained and socialized. They are generally affectionate and gentle in temperament. However, they are not very tolerant of smaller children or ones who act out around them.

How long does a Greyhound live?

A Greyhound can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

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