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How to Enjoy Sex After Having RA

RA is the abbreviation of Rheumatoid arthritis which causes health-related problems like having pains mostly in the chest and nearby, swelling in joints, and inflammation. But it’s not as it seems as RA causes problems in other parts of the body including your sex life. Suffering from RA doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy sex anymore but instead, you should take steps that help you to cope it with and enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

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How RA affects your sex life?

Most types of Arthritics like RA, mainly cause pains in the joints and there are both physical and psychological reasons for it. The problem can be moderate to severe when it comes to suffering from the problems of not being able to enjoy sex to the fullest.

If we see it from a physical standpoint, the main symptoms of joint pain and rigorousness, both are an important part of suffering from RA. The discomfort you feel while walking and the helplessness of moving the body comfortably makes sex quite awkward. Studies have shown that people with RA have worse physical functioning with less interest in having sex and are not happy with their s sex life overall. Tiredness is another common RA symptom is the feeling of being tired and instead of having sex, most of them go to sleep early.

For women who are suffering from RA, the medications they take may give side effects like vaginal dryness, making sex painful. In the meantime, men with RA suffer problems like erectile dysfunction. This problem is more rampant in men with RA and who also have heart diseases.

A large number of people with RA feel stressed or anxious, or that the disease has harmed their body image, and makes it tough for them to see themselves as sexy or desired. Depression is also collective if you have other chronic diseases RA. Depression can lower libido and crates sexual dysfunction.

What are the Solutions?

In case you suffer from light to severe RA affecting your sexual life, issues, there are some solutions to it.

Slow Down the Pain and Rigidity. Ask your doctor to assure your diseases like includes your joint symptoms, total functioning, and inflammation shall be as controlled as possible. If they recommended short-acting pain relievers like no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are part of your treatment, take them about 30 minutes before you plan to go for sex. A warm bath or shower is also helpful to relax and soothe your tender joints.

Time it Right. Most people indulge in the nighttime to have sex. But most people suffering from RA feel tired during nighttime, so make a schedule that will be comfortable for both you and your partner and plan your intimate moments accordingly.

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