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Information about Traits, and Personality details of Seven Dog Breeds if You Are Planning to Get One

There are many dog breeds that can make good family dogs, however, some are better suited for suburban large spaces and farm families than living in the city. Some family dogs are good protectors and watchdogs and some are there to give their owners companionship. If you are to get home, it’s important that everyone is included in the decision-making process, including the kids. Get information about their traits and characteristics because some dogs may not fit into where you live and family members mainly if there are kids at the home. Here we have created a list that gives detailed information about the traits, nature, and personality of seven dog breeds that may help you to find one well-suited to you. 

  1. Affenchon

The Affenchon is a small-sized cute dog that is getting very popular nowadays. It’s a mix breed dog, a cross between Affenpinscher and the beloved Bichon Frise. Affenchons got all the good traits from both of their parent dogs. If you are planning to get an Affenchon in your family, then be prepared to have some energy because this dog breed is quite energetic.  It has got active minds and bodies, and they need both emotional and physical attention. This dog loves to jump and play, and they are very affectionate dogs. 

  1. Drever

The Drever is robust along with having well-developed muscles and an agile appearance. By nature, it’s affectionate, playful, and sweet, and gets along with other dogs. The Drever was developed in Sweden in the early twentieth century. It’s a strong and even-tempered dog that never gets aggressive, nervous, or shy. They are flexible and can adjust to living anywhere, but tend to be vocal when alerting or at play. They can get along well with single-person households or larger families. If you need an alert and loyal dog who will give you a good companion, then the Drever is a dog you can consider taking home. 

  1. Affenpug

The Affenpug is a mix between the Affenpinscher and the Pug. Affenpug is a small-sized dog with unique looks and a big personality. It has got a trademark smile and a wiry coat; it’s unlikely to find any dog whose looks are similar Affenpug. The Affenpug is very famous because of its attractive looks and clownish personality. It’s a very affectionate dog who loves curling up to watch TV with its family. It does not need lots of exercise; it’s perfect for a family who is looking for a dog that requires moderate activity. It’s important to groom its coat regularly to maintain its attractive look. 

  1. Chusky

Chusky also known as Chow Husky, Husky Chow, and Chowski  is a mixed breed dog and is a cross between Chow Chow and Siberian Husky dog breeds. Chusky inherited good qualities from both of its parents. By nature, it is curious, determined, and loving, along with having attractive looks. They are very adorable, fluffy dogs along with being intelligent and slightly stubborn, and it’s not ideal for novice owners. They are very protective of their owners and are brilliant watchdogs. If you looking for a smart dog that is fond of training, exercise, and of course, lots of cuddles, then it may be the right choice for you. 

  1. Bearded Collie

 The Bearded Collie dog originated in Scotland and it helped people to herd sheep and cattle. In today’s time, they make for every good family companion, show dogs, and working sheepdogs. It’s a very energetic dog and is fit to take part in obedience, rally, agility, and other dog sports. They’re very lovable and can even make good pets for first-time owners also. They require a fair amount of exercise and prefer to stay in large-spaced areas. If you’re looking for a cute, loyal dog who can give you a good companion then it’s a good option for you 

  1. Komondor

Komondor is a pure breed native dog of Hungary with has got long fur and you may think they were developed to mop floors. Jokes aside, it had a long and noble heritage as a flock-guarding dog breed in Hungary during older times. This trait is still present among Komodorok (In Hungarian, the plural form of Komondor is Komondorok ) even today it has a strong protective instinct and will defend its owners and its family with life. They love to show affection towards their families, these dogs are intelligent and always eager to make their families happy. Their protective nature makes them good watchdogs and will bark if any stranger or other animal enters its area. They are very energetic and not fit for apartment life and prefer a big house with big spaces to utilize their energy.

  1. Horgi

The Horgi is a mixed-breed dog which is the result of a union between the Siberian Husky and Corgi dog breeds. It had inherited a few good habits from its parent breeds. They are small in size and very playful. These lovable dogs can make a good companion to families who enjoy the great outdoors. They are very energetic and would prosper in an active household with a secure courtyard. They love morning and evening walking and you can take it as a companion for walking. Because of their pack ancestry, they are not wary of other dogs.

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