Jr NTR’s half-brother plays ancient Pataliputra ruler ‘Bimbisara’

The fantasy action movie ‘Bimbisara’, starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, half-brother of Jr NTR, is set to hit the screens on August 5.

In the movie, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram will be essaying the role of ancient Patliputra ruler Bimbisara.

The film has been produced by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and written and directed by Mallidi Vashist, a newcomer.

The pre-release event of the movie will be held at Shilpakala Vedika in Hyderabad, and ‘RRR’ star Jr. NTR is expected to attend as the event’s special guest, as per latest information.

When asked about the upcoming film starring Jr. NTR, ‘RRR‘ actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram admitted that they were under a lot of pressure as he is one of the producers of ‘NTR30’.

“It is a big burden for Jr. NTR to take on a comparable project after a widely recognised performance like Bheem in ‘RRR’. As a result, there is pressure on us to take responsibility for every decision we make,” said Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.

“We’ll shortly release a significant update for “NTR30.” We have been waiting to do so and making every effort to achieve it,” he added.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who has been busily promoting the movie, said of ‘Bimbisara‘ that- with ‘Baahubali’, Prabhas has set the standard so high that the current generation expects a king to look like him.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram stated that portraying a warrior king was not an easy feat, particularly given the high bar Prabhas has set for himself.

“The image of Prabhas as a warrior king in ‘Baahubali’ has become fixed in the minds of the younger generation. Prabhas has set the bar so high with his imposing physique and flattering demeanour that we have to be cautious about everything we represent in ‘Bimbisara,” said Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.


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