Natural ways to help you sleep better

A good night’s sleep is extremely important, it helps you calm your mind and relax your body. Research has shown that a sleep deprived person suffers from hormonal dis-functioning, physical exercise performance and normal brain functioning. Over the past few years most of our sleep cycle has been affected. Courtesy to the lock down most of us had no fixed routine whatsoever and when it comes to sleeping at night, that time we have allocated to Netflix.

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Here are some of the proven ways through which you can get back on track with your sleep schedule.

  • Avoiding long day time naps – let’s just admit most of us like to sleep during the day time. Often we go for a little siesta but that turns out to be a full-fledged nap. Due to this we don’t feel sleepy at night and end up being wide awake at night.  Sleeping during the day might confuse your body resulting in an irregular sleep cycle.
  • Make a fixed schedule – when it comes to sleeping, one must have a fixed timing. Try to sleep and wake up at a consistent Program your body in such a way that it aligns itself with the rising and setting of the Sun. With the rise of the Sun your body should wake up and with the Sun set it should retire to bed. A proper sleep of 8hours is a must for the human body.
  • Optimize Bedroom environment – It’s believed that the environment of your bedroom has a lot of role to play in your sleep cycle. These factors such as noise, temperature, amount of light entering your room and furniture arrangement, can also affect the quality of your sleep. To optimize your bedroom environment try to reduce outside noise, amount of light entering the room and electronic devices. Make sure that your room is quite comfortable, minimalistic and something that makes you want some time in it.
  • Don’t consume caffeine before going to bed – Caffeine has numerous benefits and is consumed by a large population. A single consumption of caffeine can enhance focus and productivity. However when we consume it late at night it can prolong your sleep. In a study it has been  found that consumption of coffee or tea 6 hours before going to bed can affect sleep cycle. It can stay in your body for around 6-8 hours therefore caffeine consumption can largely affect your
  • Try meditation – After a long stressful day your body needs rejuvenation and in order to do that, meditation will come in handy. In order to de-stress yourself a short practice of meditation will help a lot in relaxing your mind. You can practice it either in the morning or before going to bed, either way it will provide you the same benefits. Your brain will become more focused and sleep will come naturally. When done right it has numerous other benefits which will help you in your overall growth and will also channelize a stream of positive energy.

Everything boils down to developing good habits and cultivating the right attitude in life. Sleep is an integral part in your daily life and just the way to take care about other aspects similarly you should also look after your sleep schedule. Do what you think is necessary, if you feel we have been spending a lot of time on your phone or PC, go ahead and reduce your mobile usage. Do everything that seems necessary to get your body on track, a healthy mind and body is an assertion. Take a very good care of it because this is what is going to last with you forever.

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