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Top tips to enhance your appearance

Most of us want to enhance our outer appearance and we do that through various things such as skin care and make up. These steps are completely fine and quite effective in enhancing one’s appearance. But they work well in combination with a few other things that kind of give your personality an edge. Aging is a process and everyone has to go through it but how you are going to age that completely depends on you. When we do our skin care and look after our overall well-being, we somehow slow down our aging process. There are a lot of other factors if done right they can  naturally enhance one’s appearance and make one look youthful with minimal efforts.

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With that being said, here are some tips to enhance your appearance and make you look youthful.

  • Invest in good skin care products – First and foremost this is to invest in good skin care products. Know your skin type and all your skin related concerns and accordingly invest in a good product that caters to your needs.
  • Know your body type – all of us have different body types, what piece of cloth looks good on one might not look good on the other. The sole reason for that is the difference in body type. One should buy clothes keeping their body type in mind. Look for pieces that complement their body and colors that go with their complexion. This simple step will immediately lift up the entire look and make your appearance effortlessly enhanced.
  • Makeup comes into play – A little bit goes a long way, when getting ready for everyday look, a very subtle makeup does the trick. The “no make-up, makeup look” is anyway in trend these days and when you master the art of no make-up makeup look, this is going to come in handy in order to look put together every day.
  • Loose or gain a few pounds if you please – Being in shape is never a bad idea, if you feel that you should gain or lose some weight then please do so. This wouldn’t indicate that you don’t like your body and you simply want to change it, rather it indicates that you want to maintain your health and be in your best shape.
  • Don’t forget your hair – Our hair shapes the entire look, so it’s important to maintain proper hygiene and maintain the health of your hair. Regular oiling, washing and conditioning is highly important, if you want to maintain the health of your hair, you will have to put in some time and effort in maintaining it.
  • Staying Fit – Regular exercise helps you tone your body and your mind. This is a small but a significant step that one must follow on a regular basis. By staying fit it does not mean that you start doing extensive work out and join a gym. By regular exercise we mean do some basic exercise every day, along with some meditation, that will help you calm your brain and de-clutter all that stress.

Enhancing not only can be done externally but also internally and all these steps are a combination of internal as well as internal ways to enhance one’s appearance. Inculcate these basic habits into your lives and notice the difference it makes. Take small, probably baby steps in the beginning and notice all the change that comes along. Looking good is everyone’s right and choice, if you do anything in order to make that happen you should never feel bad about that. It should be completely you, do whatever pleases you, change if you feel that’s necessary and most importantly, never get intimidated by the “beauty standards’ ‘ society has set for all of us.  Do what makes you feel positive and always encourage other women to do the same, no amount of judgment should affect your willpower to do what’s best for you.

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