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Seven Fashion Choices That Might Make You Look Older Than Actually You Are

The urge of looking young is a basic human nature and everybody wants to look as young much they can. People who are in their late 40s and 50s are the ones who want to look young like they were in their 30s and that is pretty understandable. But there are some fashion mistakes many people do that make them look older than actually they are.

We have curated a list of wrong fashion choices that makes you look older.

  1. Outdated Spectacles  

After crossing the age of thirty, most of the people start using spectacles because of eye-related issues. Avoid that pair of eyeglasses which your grandfather used to have as they will make you look older. Always use the spectacles with the best frames which are in trend. But that does not mean wearing any type of eyeglass just because it’s in trend. Wear a spectacle that suits the structure of your face. Keep your eyewear updated every year that is apt for your face. Also, frameless glasses don’t make you look older but check if they suit your face. Select a modern frame that gives you a youthful look and makes you feel good about yourself.

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  1. Keep Yourself Updated with Latest Trends

There is one problem to keep yourself updated about the latest trends is that they keep changing very fast. So, if you’re wearing something that’s outdated you may look out of touch and older. But you shall understand that keeping up with the latest trend does not mean wearing what college-going kids wear. But at least don’t wear kinds of stuff that were in trend ten years ago. Follow a trend that matches your age and dress accordingly. Observe people and see what is in trend as outdated pair of jeans makes you look out of touch, so it’s always better to be aware of what kind of jeans are in vogue and invest in them.

  1. Correct Underwear

It may sound weird but underwear actually it has lots to do with one’s fashion, especially for women. It’s better to avoid bras that make your clothes look clumpy and breasts shagging. Always select bras that are better fitted and confirm it’s making the clothes you wear look better. Choose a Bra that fits your size to the T as a big pair of bras actually makes the overall dressing look underwhelming. Selecting Panty is also important and make sure they lie smooth against your skin. For men, try to wear branded underwear as if you are wearing a low fit pant or denim, branded underwear always creates an impact unlike wearing the underwear you purchased from roadside vendors.

  1. Select the Right Colors

One of the most of most important things while going with the latest fashion trend is what colour dresses you are buying. Try to avoid tiny florals as it does not suit everyone’s personality. Instead try to buy clothes with stripes, leopard, or polka dots or you can also browse through the latest fashion related pieces both by reading and watching. Avoid using colours that do not match your skin colour as they make people look older.

  1. Matching Lipsticks

Always remember to buy lipsticks that perfectly go with Your skin colour and the dress you are wearing. Try to avoid lipsticks with Brown, deep and matte tones as it makes women older. It’s better to go for gleam vs frost and dewy vs matte tones of lipsticks.

  1. Avoid Nude Pantyhose

Nude pantyhose were once very much in trend but it’s a passé now and never wear them as it will make you feel like an old-school fashion follower. Instead go for opaque tights, sheer black, navy, or grey tights. Footless tights and leggings will also work instead of pantyhose.

  1. Avoid Matching Too Much

Understandably, women love to wear things matching each other but avoid too much matching. Wearing lots of matching accessories is a big letdown. Avoid matching earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Also matching the color of lipstick and nail polish shall be done very carefully and wrong matching can make you look so out of place. Consult someone near you about what they think about and try to take some things from what they think. Of course you can wear whatever you want but try to have matching things which you can pull off nicely.

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