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Seven Fermented Foods with Health Benefits for Gut

There are lots of persuasive health benefits of having foods which are fermented. Fermented foods contain good bacteria, which are very beneficial for our health, especially the guts, along with improving digestion, increase immunity, and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

The process of creating fermented foods include  bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms breaking down compounds like sugar in the food and brings chemical changes in the food which are beneficial for our health . Most importantly, it prolongs the product’s shelf life and boosts the quantity of healthy microorganisms in the food.

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In this list we have curated a list of seven fermented foods which are good for our gut.

  1. Kefir

Kefir is fermented milk which contains lots of health benefits including the gut. Grains and milk are used to prepare this fermented cultured dairy product, which is very creamy, tasty beverage along with being rich in probiotics. It contains protein, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin B12 which are very useful for our health. Additionally, kefir is low on lactose content, making it suitable for those who have lactose sensitivity.

Kefir dairy products such as goat milk kefir, kefir cheese, and kefir yoghurt are useful alternatives to conventional dairy products.

  1. Kombucha

To make kombucha lack or green tea is used to make the fermented beverage known as kombucha. It can be prepared at home with easily available ingredients like tea, sugar, and a SCOBY, that means “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast,”. It’s a very good makes an substitute for soda or other sugary beverages which are unhealthy.

Kombucha helps in lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and halt the spread of cancer cells in vitro, regardless of the rarity of human studies in this field.

  1. Miso

Miso is a kind of soup which is prepared using miso, a type of fermented soybean paste. Fermented black beans, chickpeas, or lentils, is also used to make Miso. Furthermore, it can be  used with seaweed, barley, or rice. Miso contains large quantity of vitamins and minerals, like manganese, vitamin K, copper, and zinc, and has got exceptional nutritious qualities. Miso contains good amount of salt  so eat it in moderation  and mix it with other fermented foods to get good health related benefits from it.

  1. Kimchi

 Kimchi is a vegan delicacy and it plays a very important part in Korean food. It is made from salted, fermented vegetables, along with scallions, garlic, and other herbs and spices. In Korea it’s very famous for its mouthwatering flavour and adaptability. Along with the above mentioned things, kimchi is also prepared from cucumber, carrot, cabbage, or radish.

Eating kimchi regularly helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and it may also help in weight management and better insulin sensitivity.

  1. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is made from vegetables like raw cabbage and lactic acid bacteria which are are used to make fermented sauerkraut. It is being prepared in China from last 2000 years and it’s a widely consumed side dish there.

In some parts of the world, juniper berries, ginger, beets, dill, or fennel are also used to make Sauerkraut. It’s very beneficial for our health as it contains vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, and manganese. It’s also simple to prepare and you just need to mix grated cabbage, salt, and vegetables such as beets, carrots, and ginger. Put the mixture in a jar and keep it for few days to ferment it.

  1. Probiotic Yoghurt

Probiotic yoghurt is an ideal option for the people who like yoghurt. You can buy probiotic yoghurt from any supermarket. Probiotic yoghurt is made from fermented milk and contains lactic acid bacteria to increase the probiotic content. Yoghurt with probiotics is beneficial for people having high blood pressure. Having fermented milk in foods like probiotic yoghurt can aid to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, particularly in people who already have high blood pressure.

  1. Natto

Natto is actually fermented beans and is very popular in Asian countries. Natto is made from fermented soybeans such as tempeh, which is very rich in protein, manganese, iron, and copper. Natto provides an array of health advantages, in spite of the fact that many people are ignorant about its unique flavour, texture, and scent. Natto contains an enzyme called nattokinase which helps to  lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots.

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