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Ulka Gupta happy to play a strong female lead in ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’

From TV show ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ to her Tollywood debut ‘Andhra Pori’, actress Ulka Gupta has a number of works to her credit. Now, the actress is being seen in ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’, playing the titular role.

She opens up about portraying a strong woman character in the daily soap and says: “I believe it’s always been my motto to contribute to the empowerment of women by educating them, strengthening their abilities and inner qualities, and in the process becoming one. We’re not all born strong women. We toughen ourselves, and we create ourselves into a strong person.”

The 25-year-old actress says she is proud of being a woman and ready to face all the challenges.

“I feel so happy to be a woman, a girl, who has dealt with this world and created a place for others like me. I believe in achieving the required attributes, honing their skills, which will lead women to realize their self-worth.”

“It’s true that women haven’t been given any chances in the past, history proves it. This is actually a perfect era to be born in, to be a girl in, where the world has changed thanks to all the amazing and strong ladies who fought for our rights. Shout out to ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ and many more!”

She shares further about her role, saying: “Banni is someone who speaks for herself, and always stands up to injustice. She has an answer for every finger pointed at her, and always has a logic to support it.”

“Banni feels that it’s important to speak up for yourself, and having a say is extremely important. I’m super proud of Banni for being who she is, and I love the way she maintains her femininity too,” she concludes.

The show is about the journey of a strong and fierce girl, Banni who runs a food delivery business where she cooks home-cooked meals for people who have moved to the city in quest of a job but miss home-cooked food.

‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’ airs on Star Plus.


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